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Valentine’s Day Book Nook

Our Valentine’s Day Book Nook is still a work in progress, though we made a dent this year with three new additions. All of our book nooks have started with books we had that fit the holiday theme, color, etcetera. They were not necessarily books we were excited about having as part of our collection, […]

February 4, 2021

Baby & Kids, Book Nook

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Kid’s Gift Guide | 2020 Edition

Women of Change Bath Bombs: I am SO excited to give these to the girls. They are big fans of the Little People Big Dreams series, so these are a perfect fit! 2. Bamboo Building Blocks: We have legos to boot, but I love this more natural option. Also, way less pieces, haha. 3. Goodnight […]

November 5, 2020

Baby & Kids

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Back to School Baskets

I am a sucker for an unexpected gift; in the giving sense I mean. Although I’ll take being an unsolicited receiver. Especially if it’s a collection of fun things in a basket. I first started doing this on Valentine’s day for the girls. I was always back and forth on whether or not the day […]

July 28, 2020

Baby & Kids, homeschool

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Homeschool Room Tour

After sharing with you guys, our homeschool room tour, over on my instagram stories, I had some of you asking for more details and links to the items I shared. I decided to write a blog so all of that info has a home! Let me start off by saying, this space did not start […]

July 15, 2020

Homeschool Room Tour

Baby & Kids, homeschool

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Why we chose to homeschool + Curriculum choice.

Homeschool. It actually doesn’t sound that foreign of a concept to me. My sister-in-law was homeschooled through grade school, and I’ve always idealized being able to have the flexibility that homeschool brings. Obviously, that quickly became less of an idea and more of a reality when the coronavirus hit. Having a 1st grader, preschooler and […]

July 14, 2020

Homeschool mom arranging materials

Baby & Kids, homeschool

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Weekly Summer Themes for School-Aged Kids

Ok guys, here it is, a list of Weekly Summer Themes. I’ve spent hours working on this and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it! Maybe homeschool will be a success after all (fingers crossed!). If you follow me on Instagram and caught my stories, you heard me talking about the struggle we’ve had the […]

June 11, 2020

Activities for Kids, Baby & Kids

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Winter Book Nook

I know this winter book nook post is potentially late for some of you, because I’ll be posting February’s here very soon. But, for those of you that are maybe just starting and aren’t up to a “monthly” book swap yet- us included, this may still be a helpful post for you and your collection! […]

January 22, 2020

Activities for Kids, Baby & Kids, Home

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Summer Book Nook

When we started our book nook, I realized fairly quickly, after sorting, that we had a fair amount of summer books. I haven’t added many to the collection since my original sorting last year. Below are each of the books we have in our current collection, as well as ones that are on our wishlist. […]

May 24, 2019

Activities for Kids, Baby & Kids, Home

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