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July 15, 2020

Homeschool Room Tour

Homeschool Room Tour

After sharing with you guys, our homeschool room tour, over on my instagram stories, I had some of you asking for more details and links to the items I shared. I decided to write a blog so all of that info has a home!

Let me start off by saying, this space did not start out as a “homeschool room”. It evolved into an educational space over the last few years of living here. This was not always our “playroom”. It was only after moving my photography studio into our home, that it became the space that it is today. After living in the space awhile, I decide to really separate the room, so that the easily accessible toys were the educational ones and the others were kept out of sight in the toy closet.

When deciding to homeschool, it was a pretty obvious decision that the schooling would happen in this room. Whether that remains true after really getting into this or not, we will see. I do have some concerns about the kids not being able to focus while having school in the “playroom”. But for right now, that’s our spot. We started our remote learning journey in this space and and worked fairly well.

Every piece of furniture in this space is from IKEA. With the exception of the small table in the middle, which we built, and the chairs (vintage) and stools (they’re currently being fixed). I will try to link as much as possible from the room at the bottom of this post!

I started out with a few objectives in place:

  1. I wanted to have some easily accessible toys to keep Beckham busy while I taught the girls. (I’m still trying to talk hubby into putting a sensory play table in the room for him.)
  2. I wanted to have a space for the girls to keep their curriculum easily accessible.
  3. I wanted to have a space to keep all of their little pieces from their math activity boxes.
  4. I wanted to reassess and make more sense out of all of our “educational” toys and things.

For Beckham’s toys, I gathered all of the toys I wanted him to have easy access to and moved them to a shelf he could reach using these bins from IKEA:

I used those same bins, to keep all of the girls math contests from their The Good and The Beautiful math activity boxes.

For their curriculum, I purchased these acrylic file holders to place all of their workbooks and reading books. I am super impressed with the quality!

For the science binders, honestly, I found an open bin that they would fit in and put them there. I hate clutter and when things look out of place, so I wanted them hidden away, but still easily accessible! So I used these bins, that we already had in the space, from IKEA:

I then went through all of our bins to rearrange puzzles, color books, notebooks, stationary + art supplies and educational activities in a way that made sense and was cohesive.

The only things I had to purchase where a few more glass jars for art supplies. I was pretty happy about my re-work of the room and the final result!

Lastly, I purchased these adorable little caddy organizers for the girls to keep on top of their desks for their school supplies. My thought behind them was that, first, they would be less accessible than the drawers to baby brother, and second, when we want a change of scenery, they can easily pick up their caddy and workbook and be on the go!

For all of the other homeschool supplies we purchased, you can visit my Amazon Shop!

And a few favorites from Target:

Rainbow Pencils

Sequin Pencil Case

Envelope Document Holder
*These are in my cart for the girls’ phonics cards. They need to be divided into three baggies depending on level of mastery. This will allow them to all be kept together



Cube storage

Desk tops

Desk legs (unfortunately these ones they only have in black)

Desk drawers


Glass jars

Wire baskets

Cardboard boxes

Fabric bins

Plastic bins

Magazine file

Hanging Baskets

I think that’s everything! If you guys have question about anything, feel free to leave a comment, or reach out on instagram!

Read about WHY we chose to homeschool and our choice of curriculum.

Disclaimer: this post does include some affiliate links. I appreciate your support and hope you find my sharing helpful!

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  2. Karli Stegeman says:

    Love this homeschool room. I’m using for my inspiration. Thank you!! Where did you get the artwork above the cubbies?

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