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January 22, 2020

Winter Book Nook

I know this winter book nook post is potentially late for some of you, because I’ll be posting February’s here very soon. But, for those of you that are maybe just starting and aren’t up to a “monthly” book swap yet- us included, this may still be a helpful post for you and your collection!

I have posted about how to create a book nook before. And there is also the summer book nook post, but this will be the first every winter book nook. We aren’t quite stocked enough to swap out books every month, but my girls really love having new content to read. We’ve gone back and forth on having the books in their room where they sleep and have quite time, to keeping them out in the playroom. There are pros and cons to each, but for now, we have them back in their shared bedroom. They get much more use that way!

1. Flora and the Penguin

This book makes me laugh because it highlights just how different my girls are. There are no words, so essentially, you use your imagination to make up the story. Everleigh was flabbergasted that there were no words and Adalyn was ecstatic to make up her own story (which is what she does with all books because she can’t read yet). It’s about a girl, Flora, who finds a penguin friend and they go ice skating together and learn some lessons. There are interactive flap pages which makes it fun, too!

2. Adventures with Barefoot Critters

This book would really work for any season, but I like it for winter because it starts in January. It goes through the alphabet and a year long adventures with these little critters.

3. Snow Sisters!

I LOVE the illustrations in this book. It’s not a super engaging read. There are only a few words on each page, the illustrations are showing who each sister feels about snow- one likes it, and one doesn’t. I just had to get it for the girls because they’re sisters and it is really, really cute. It will be a good book for Adalyn as she starts to read.

4. The Tea Party in the Woods

Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite book. The illustrations are cute, but black and white for the most part. It’s about a girl whose father leaves to go to see his mother and forgets pie. The girl goes to take it to him, and she meets a bunch of animal friends along the way and ends up having a tea party in the woods. Not as cute as I was hoping it would be.

5. The Mitten

My sister in law bought this for our oldest when she was a baby (it was one of her favs growing up). It has quickly become my oldest’s favorite. It’s such a classic book and shares such a good message about making room for more friends!

6. Little Red Gliding Hood

Ok, this might be one of my favorites! The illustrations are colorful and bright and fun and the storyline is super cute. It involves all of the traditional fairytale characters who participate in a skating competition and an unlikely pair who end up becoming good friends!

7. Tallulah’s Ice Skates

This is another cute one that has a really cute story behind it. It has sweet illustrations and talks about how being “the best” isn’t always the way to go about things. At the end of the day, you just want to have FUN.

8. The Snowy Day

A classic. Talking about all of the cozy things you do on a snow day and the possibilities the snow brings. The illustrations are cute and different.

9. The Wish Tree

Also another we recently got that I wasn’t super impressed with. The illustrations are cute, but I don’t love the story. It’s about a boy who is looking for a wish tree, with his toboggan, his older brother and sister say it doesn’t exist and he goes out on an adventure to find one and meets friends along the way.


I hope you guys found some good books to add to your collections!


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