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November 5, 2020

Kid’s Gift Guide | 2020 Edition

  1. Women of Change Bath Bombs: I am SO excited to give these to the girls. They are big fans of the Little People Big Dreams series, so these are a perfect fit!

2. Bamboo Building Blocks: We have legos to boot, but I love this more natural option. Also, way less pieces, haha.

3. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women: See above. My girls are obsessed with the Little People Big Dreams series, so this is right up their alley, and one of my teacher friends recommended it, so it’s a win for sure!

4. Wooden Shapes Tangram Puzzle: This is the cutest set of wooden tangram shapes and cards. They come in a tin for easy transport, which I love!

5. BlissLights Sky Light: This is on our kiddo’s Christmas list (they just don’t know it yet!) How cool is this?! It would be perfect for a media room or kid’s bedroom.

6. Re-Play Sippy Cup: These are our favorite sippy cups. Beckham can’t get he lid off, and they rarely leak. They’re also made from recycled milk jugs.

7. Busy Car Book: I might need to make a totally separate Usborne book Christmas Gift Guide, but this is one of my favorites and one I have never seen anywhere else before. It’s truly genius. There is a little car that rides in a track along the pages of the book as you read. It’s SO COOL.

8. Wooden Balance Board: This is a very affordable option for these balance boards. We have this and the kids love it and the quality is great!

9. Portable Playset: This is PERFECT for traveling. There are a variety of themes to choose from, this particular one is a farm. Each set comes with characters and props and all of it fits perfectly into the playlet for easy transport!

10. Kids Baking Kit: My sweet friend Lindsey is a fabulous baker, and everything she creates is perfection. These kids baking kits are no exception. My kiddos love them and I gift them to all of my family session clients!

11. Paint By Sticker Books: I got these for the girls for their back-to-school baskets and they were a huge hit. They keep them busy for at least an hour and are way less mess than paint-by-number!

12. Bow & Arrow Set: This is the sweetest bow and arrow set and it will for sure be on B’s Christmas list when he gets a bit older.

13. Magna-Tiles Structure: Your magna-tiles just got upgraded! I think these are SO cool. The have a bunch of other themes and builds as well, like a spaceship, barn and Sesame Street themed tile structures!

14. Essential Oil Playdough: These smell amazing and my friend Casey makes holiday themed scents, which make them even more fun to gift! They are the perfect size to take on-the-go!

15. Princess Cupcake Game: My middle played this game and couldn’t stop talking about it, so I picked it up and saved it for a rainy day (literally). It kept us all busy for hours, mom and dad included!

16. Graphic Tees: This is one of my favorite shops for graphic tees for kiddos + mamas, too!

17. Tabletalk Cards: I am so excited to get these for the kiddos. We make it a point to talk to the girls about their day every night at dinner, but I like that these spark conversations with open-ended questions about everything from family to philanthropy.

18. Lego Chain Reaction Book: I am so excited to get this for E. She is going to LOVE it. Her school is a S.T.E.A.M school and I feel like that is a big thing she’s missing in our homeschool environment. This is perfect for your little builders!

19. Letter + Sight Word Play Kits: This is a shameless plug, but I really believe in what we do and making learning fun! These are letter play kits that include A-Z and may come with extra letters, sight words, playdough and other fun things, depending on which you choose. But we think they’re just so fun to play with and can be used in so many different ways! We also make numbers, matching printables and initial tags!

20. Airfort: I am SO excited to give this to the kiddos Christmas morning! They are always wanting to hide places, so this is perfect and easy to set up! It’s a tent you attach a fan to and it’s big enough for multiple kids, which will be perfect for when cousins are over to play.

21. Santa Post: This book is THE CUTEST. It is a must-have for any Christmas lover. It is the sweetest little book that includes real letters and envelopes throughout the pages. The illustrations are beautiful and it is just so, so good!

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