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September 26, 2020

Halloween Book Nook

Our Halloween book nook is still a work in progress. We started from a back to school/fall/halloween mixture of books, to then school and fall/halloween. Now we finally have enough halloween themed books to fill up our shelf!
1. Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

I saw Julie @positivelypearson share this and new I had to have it. There is this really cute book that is also pink, but it’s about $600 on eBay because it’s no longer in print. No kidding. Crazy, I know. This one is equally as cute. The illustrations are beautiful!

2. Stumpkin

This was our first “Halloween” book and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s about a pumpkin that doesn’t have a stem (I am notorious for breaking mine off my pumpkin!) and how no one picks him because of that. But then at the end of the book, he realizes he’s right where he is supposed to be.

3. The Scarecrow

Not exactly “Halloween”,  but close enough. This is such a sweet story of love, friendship and giving.

4. Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!

This was a new one for us this year. We picked it up at our favorite little book shoppe at the beach. The story leads you to the end where you look at your own hand and explore the bones, and realize skeletons are not scary, because everyone has one!

5. Creepy Carrots!

Truth be told, this was not my pick. Apparently Evie read it in school, so she chose this one. It’s ok. It’s about a bunny who steals all of these carrots from the patch, and he thinks they’re haunting him. It’s just ok IMO.

6. Gilbert the Ghost

This is such a sweet book about a ghost who was in “ghost school” to become scary and he didn’t want to be scary. It talks about being “different” and still being kind to those who didn’t treat you as fairly.

That’s a wrap for our current Halloween book nook. Here’s what I want to add!

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