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December 12, 2019

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide | 2019 Edition

  1. Kids Baking Kit | Butter and Whisk // My talented and sweet friend Lindsey just launched her kids baking kit and they are ADORABLE and bound to be amazing! Best part, she offers a gluten free version! They are available in single kids or subscriptions!
  2. Blooming Lollipops | Uncommon Goods // Y’all. I am OBSESSED with this find! These are lollipops, with flavors like Lavender and Lemongrass and Sage and Marshmallow, that when you’re done, you plant the stick and GROW A PLANT. WHAT. I ordered them for the girls. SO STINKING COOL!
  3. Monogram Trinket Dish | Anthropologie // I got one of these a few Christmases ago as a gift and I use it at my kitchen sink to put my rings on when I mix up meat, or just don’t want them getting dirty. It works perfectly and is a cute addition to my countertop area!
  4. Confetti Glitter Initial Sticker | Packed Party // I grabbed these for the girls and LOVE them. I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to put them yet, but I know we’ll find a spot!
  5. Reusable Travel Flatware | Anthropologie // I love this ideas as a stocking stuffer for anyone that takes lunch to work. I know a certain someone that will be getting a set in his stocking!
  6. AmazonBasics Double Nylon Braided USB Cable | Amazon// We tried a few different “off-brand” charging cables and we LOVE these. They don’t get tangled or fray and they’re fairly long which makes it easy to charge them in tricky places.
  7. Disney Frozen 2 Blind Bag | Amazon// I feel like this is kind of a no-brainer stocking stuffer, but it’s such a good one. I don’t know what it is about these dang things, but kids love ’em!
  8. Circle Keychain | Oventure // I talked about these in my gift guide last year. It’s been a year and I still LOVE mine! I got the ostrich leather one, but I think I would go for silicone, like the one shown, next time. The stitch on the leather can dig into your hands if you have a wristlet hanging from it.
  9. Cute Earrings | Oh Clementine // This sweet mama-owned shop as the CUTEST earrings for your littles. I also love that they offer multiple earrings backs depending on your kiddos preference. I got these popsicle ones for the girls’ stockings! COUPON CODE: “clemchristmas” for 10% off your first order!
  10. Math Flash Cards | Anthropologie // These are probably the cutest and most fun math flash cards I’ve ever seen. Sure to motivate your little one to learn some math skills!
  11. Davines The Spotlight Circle Hair Mask | Amazon // I talk about this stuff all the time, I know. It’s SO good y’all. All of my friends may be getting one for xmas 😉
  12. Fabric Shaver | Amazon // Who had one of these growing up? I know we did and I totally discounted them as a crazy 90’s thing. Y’all. This has been a GAME CHANGER. My SIL re-introduced me to it when she said she used it for pilling on her linen couch covers. Genius. We have used it to de-fuzz so many items in our house already leaving them looking brand new! This one comes with a bunch of covers and settings to support different pile heights as well!
  13. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box | Amazon// I got these for the girls last year last minute and they LOVE them. They’re just tiny little postcards that you can scratch off to reveal rainbow colors. So simple and fun!
  14. Hair Bows | ZoZu Baby // This was a new bow company for us this year. I had her make custom bows for our family portraits and I was so impressed! I love the fun themes she has for her monthly subscription and signed the girls up for it this year! They also has some super fun “stocking stuffer” bows available currently!
  15. Cord Organizer | Amazon// I grabbed this for my hubby’s stocking. His headphone cords are forever getting tangled!

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I hope you found something you loved for your little one or to gift! Enjoy!!

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