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September 26, 2018

Loving Lately | September Edition

Whew. Long hiatus from these Loving Lately posts! To be honest, y’all, these are probably the most time intensive posts I create because of the video I include with them. So, I’ve decided I’d rather get the content to you guys, then have it always be PERFECT. So, here I am, in all my type- A personality glory, trying to give myself grace and embrace the imperfection. Maybe I’ll start adding a highlight feature for them on IG. Would that be helpful?

OK, so, here we go!

1.ACURE Vivacious Volume Peppermint Shampoo

My girlfriend suggested this brand. She also strives to lead a toxin-free lifestyle, so I like to compare notes with her to see what products she’s using and loving. This was a TOTAL win! This smells amazing, it doesn’t leave my hair too heavy or dry or oily. I typically have normal/oily hair and these have been great- I love the conditioner too! She also suggested THIS body wash/shampoo combo for K and we both LOVE it. It smells amazing!

2. Lululemon Tank

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be on their website anymore, but it is perfect for the pregnant and nursing mamas! Maybe check your local store to see if they still have it in stock. I’d suggest sizing down one. Even at 35+ weeks pregnant, I was able to wear an XS (I’m usually an XS/S). This worked great while pregnant to accommodate my growing belly, and I love it now after having B to nurse him- easy access!

3.Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

My girl Lindsey Regan Thorne posted about this and I was a bit skeptical, as I have tried all the mascaras and thought I found my ride or die. However, I grabbed the trial size during the Sephora sale and then grabbed the full size literally the day after I got it. It is SO good. Great length and curl, doesn’t clump or flake off. LOVE LOVE. New favorite!


I had seen a fellow IG mama post about this, and my SIL had tried it and raved about it. Y’all, I have never been an over-supplier, power-pumper or one to have a huge milk stash in the freezer. However, simply by using this in the first few weeks, especially, I quickly racked up over 200 ounces of milk to freeze. I was SO stoked! It required no pumping, no extra effort. All I did was suction it onto whichever breast I wasn’t feeding from to catch the let down and viola. Extra milk stash. Highly recommend!

5.Hair Coil Set

I feel like I am pretty late to the game with these. That being said, they are game changers, so anyone who is on the fence or hasn’t gotten around to buying some, needs to know how awesome they are! They don’t pull hair, don’t leave marks (all women rejoice) and don’t stretch out (you simply use a blow dryer on hot to shrink them back up- so cool).

Hope you find some new goodies that are helpful to you!!


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