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November 21, 2018

Kid’s Gift Guide | 2018 Edition

  1. Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture // This furniture is adorable for a little one’s dollhouse. I grabbed a couple of different sets for Adalyn’s Dollhouse Bookshelf also in this guide!
  2. Pine And Poppy Hat // I grabbed a trio of these for the kiddos. Y’all. They are SO ADORABLE!
  3. Teething Egg // This will be going in B’s stocking. He has his hands in his mouth like crazy and I think he would really love this.
  4. Ryan And Rose Cutie Clip  // I grabbed one of these before Beckham was born. They have been lifesaver with how much he loves his paci. I have a girlfriend that agrees and swears by this brand!
  5. Magnolia Kids Wooden Slingshot // HOW CUTE. I love that it has little felt balls with it. Nice and friendly 🙂
  6. Bilibo Seat // These things look so cool. They have something similar at the local park that my kiddos really enjoy.
  7. The 50 States: Fact Filled Maps // Everleigh is really getting into learning and I love the layout and colorful-ness of this book. It looks like a super fun way to learn her states!
  8. The Play Gym by Lovevery // This should be on every baby’s wishlist. If we didn’t have a hand-me-down I would totally buy it for Beckham!
  9. Doorway Puppet Theater  // These are the best invention ever. they require no real use of space, and easily can be put away. They have a few different options which makes it even more fun!
  10. Pottery Barn Kids Soft Sandwich Set  // I love that these are “pre-assembled” and there aren’t a bunch of pieces to them. I mean, I would totally eat a sandwich that looked that cute!
  11. Unicorn Food Cookbook // Who isn’t into unicorns right now. I really hope Evie will love this cookbook and I think they girls will get a kick out of all the fun foods. Plus, they’re all all natural recipes.
  12. CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater // Ok, I’ll be honest. This is just as much for me as it is the kids! How cool?!
  13. Twinkle & Cuddles Lovey // These are the CUTEST little loveys. I grabbed one for Beckham because he loves to snuggle blankets.
  14. Magnolia Kids Rocking Goat  // This may or may not end up in our house. It’s so stinking cute and I love that it’s neutral!
  15. Sago Mini 2-in-1 Fold Up Pillow Playset // My kiddos play this game on their iPads and I had no idea they had a whole line of toys related to them. This one is especially neat because it’s easily compact. There are also a couple of different playset options.
  16. Pottery Barn Kids Helicopter Building Set  // It Beckham was older this would for sure be on his list. I’ve never seen anything like it and think it’s so cool.
  17. IKEA Folding Gym Mat  // I came across these while shopping in IKEA last week. They are perfect for the casual gymnast for the price, and I love the colors! They also have green for boys.
  18. Sweet Honey Loungewear // By far our favorite PJs. Probably our favorite “designer” clothing store too. We love us some Sweet Honey! They are ridiculously soft!
  19. Unicorn Bank // I love this little unicorn bank!
  20. Osmo Monster Game // We got this last year for Evie and she really loves it! I love that it’s so interactive and she can play on her own for this #momboss days when I need to get work done!
  21. IKEA Dollhouse Wall Shelf // We grabbed this for A to keep her entertained in her room during quiet time. She doesn’t lover her books quite as much as Evie doses, so hopefully this will keep her little mind entertained!

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