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January 26, 2017

Loving Lately | January Edition

It’s back y’all!! My Loving Lately posts! These are so fun, but also a bit of work with the video portion. So, I have made a pact with myself to still publish the post, even if I didn’t have a chance to complete the video portion. I mean, you guys don’t need to see my face anyway 🙂 It just means a bit more reading on your part! I also have switched things up a bit. So, instead of posting these the first week of each month for the previous month, I will be posting them the last week of each month, for that month. So, lets jump into my January favorites, shall we…
1. Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Wool Duck Boots- Grey

One of my friends had these boots on,  and I kind of fell in love when I saw them. Duck boots have been on my want list for awhile… but I already had Hunter Boots and UGGS and didn’t really see a need for all three. Well, I was wrong. These are the best of both worlds! They are ridiculously comfortable and also warm! They are perfect for these icky days when you want to be comfortable, but don’t want wet feet. Side Note: If you have smaller feet (women’s 7-8 and smaller) They have a very similar pair for kids here. Total money saver, but I really loved the more neutral laces!
2. 1 Second Everyday App

I heard of this app while following someone on social media… I can’t remember who at this point. BUT, when I saw it, I knew I had to have it! You guys, it takes 1 second of each day for whatever time period you choose and makes a mash-up video. It is SO cool! Despite being a photographer, there are SO many little moments throughout the day that I would love to capture, but are too fleeting to go grab my big camera. It’s just so much easier to use my phone. This allows me to capture those moments, and I seriously adore that.
3. Powersheets

Ahhh… I need to do an ENTIRE video post on these, really. They are such an amazing tool for busy ladies! Lara Casey, the creator of Powersheets has put together this workbook as an intentional goal planner. It makes you focus on what really matters and helps you set goals to make that happen. It is SUCH an amazing tool. Don’t know what matters? Don’t know what goals you need to get there? Don’t know the steps you need to take to accomplish those goals? This planner helps you with all of that. It is just what I needed to help me balance being a wife, mama, business owner and friend.

4. Grace not Perfection

There are SO many quotes from this book that I have written down and taken to heart. Emily just speaks to me as a fellow mama and business owner. We are all going through this life and trying to do our best. She let’s us know that we aren’t doing it alone… and that we’re all going to make mistakes, but our family will love us anyway! I especially love that there are little work spaces in the book. It makes you really stop and reflect on what she’s saying/asking. Also, maybe not equally as important to some, but something I really enjoy- the quality and attention to detail of this book is amazing. It feels so luxurious to hold!

5. WizGear cell phone holder

My hubby got this for his car and I thought it was a waste. I always just laid my phone on my lap or held it while using it for nav while driving. However, EVERYTIME I drove his car, I used it and loved it!! The little gadget just slides onto your vent grates, then a magnetic plate (that you slide into your phone case) helps to keep your phone to the gadget. The nice thing is that this comes with two plates, which is nice to share with your significant other 🙂 Also, it’s a steal at less than $10.

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