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January 19, 2017

First Floor Lighting

Funny thing… when I started my photography career, I only used Lightroom to edit. It took me about a year or two to add Photoshop to my tool box. You guys, I don’t know how I lived without it!! I use it for WAY more than photography and it has so much more capability than I thought (and, honestly, than I even know how to use! ha!).

But, it is particularly helpful for building vision boards. When I’m design a room or area in the house, Pinterest is a great starting point, but sometimes, I need to see each of the elements, with no background distraction, in order to see how it’s going to piece with the rest of the house/room. That’s when I make these nifty little boards.

I am a HUGE believer that lighting makes one of the biggest impacts in a home. We’ve already chosen all of the finishes for the house, so we know those will make a beautiful impression. Then when you start filling the space, you need to be a bit mindful about how things fit together. Luckily, in our current home, we have much of the furniture to fill the new house. We will have to purchase a handful of new pieces, but not many. We will also be investing in quite a few area rugs. However, lighting is one of our biggest spend areas. Why? ^ because I’m a believer that lighting makes one of the biggest impacts. So, when making our list for the new house, I knew lighting was where I would start. Particularly, because there is one piece I had been lusting over that was on MAJOR sale. Y’all… this baby has been purchased since last month and our house isn’t finished until March… it’s the Living Room light. My hubby SWEARS it’s going to be too big, here’s to hoping it’s not!

Island Pendants
Foyer Lights
Breakfast Nook
Dining Room
Living Room

The other not so important aspects: a fan for the guest bedroom and a light for the study (which we already have).

Kichler Starkk Ceiling Fan

Farmhouse Chandelier – We’re painting this… either Satin Brass or White. What do you guys think?

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