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February 18, 2015

Our Chalk Paint Nightstands

When we first got married, we did like many couples, and hit up IKEA hard core. Neither of us came equipped with bedroom furniture, mostly because we didn’t like what we had in our childhood bedrooms. We had to make certain decisions and decided that IKEA Hemnes furniture would do just fine. I have never been a “matchy-matchy” furniture person, so we chose not to get the nightstands for the set and instead I found a pair on craigslist and refinished them. Ever since… I have been on the hunt for a pair that better reflected our style. After many misses, I FINALLY found a pair, that also happened to come with the dresser we decided to use for the new nursery- SCORE!! I forgot to get a picture of them before hubby started taking them apart, but this at least gives you a bit of an idea: image1   I decided I wanted to chalk paint them, because… hello… who wants to strip and prime if you don’t have to?! I’d only used it once before, and the brand that I used had a limited amount of colors. I first came across BB Frosch through following Whipperberry on Instagram. She’s always doing lots of fun projects with it! BB Frosch is a chalk paint powder, which means you can mix it into ANY color flat latex paint and turn it into chalk paint- pretty awesome right?! I am so thrilled with how they turned out! Chalk Paint Nightstands I hadn’t originally planned on distressing them, however, you must be really practiced in the applying and sanding part of chalk painting to avoid this. I will say… I thought, since chalk paint made the prep work super easy, the painting must be just as simple. NOT the case, I watched alot of YouTube videos, and quite honestly should have probably attended a workshop. There are very specific techniques for applying the wax. I learned that the hard way with my first project- Evie’s toddler bed. Luckily, it was on the back, so no one will ever know! Also- BUY the waxing brush. It is essential!Chalk Paint Nightstands

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