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December 24, 2014

First Annual Mama Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchange
I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of a cookie exchange. I was never quite sure how they worked though… were they for you to collect cookies for your family to eat, or to give as gifts? Luckily, Pinterest helped me with that one. I set up this packaging station to help with packaging your goodies, complete with foil containers from the dollar store and some cupcake liners to separate the cookies!
Cookie Exchange
I decided this year would be fun to host one. I’ve met such an amazing group of friends and we were in desperate need of a Mom’s Night Out! I made sure to get it on the calendar early before everyone filled up with other holiday events! It was so great to see them all, and we always know that when we get together… it’s going to be a late night!
Cookie Exchange
There were going to be five of us, so I had each person bring five dozen cookies (limited to one to two kinds) + another dozen for tasting while we were chatting and packing… because… who can resist all those cookies without being able to eat some?! So, a total of 6 dozen cookies per person. Typically, you would break it up evenly, so take a dozen (or half dozen if two kinds were brought) of each kind.
The general idea is that each person leaves with five dozen cookies, plus a doggy bag for hubby and the kids- this is from whats leftover after we snack on them of course… so maybe not much! I designed labels on my computer to decorate the tops of the packages using some clip art I found on Etsy and printed them on mailing label paper. I ordered the red twine from Amazon and the jingle bell strand is from the dollar store.
Cookie Exchange
Our’s didn’t quite go the way they suggest. We pretty much just filled containers with a mixture, packaged them with love and pretty ribbons and went back to drinking our cranberry ginger ale and munching on cookies and snacks!
I imagine if you had a much larger group, you would want to stick to the rules a bit more.

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