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December 31, 2014

Another Year… another promise

New Year's Resolutions
I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. I enjoy setting goals for myself, and looking back at the goals I set at the beginning of the year. However, typically I’ve failed miserably at most of them, or stopped half way through the year. Alas, each year, I push on and make some more. Let’s see how I made out with this year’s goals…
1) Complete A 52 Week Project- I failed… miserably. I got less far on this year’s project 52 than I did last years! I think I only made it to about week 10.
2) Get Organized/Scheduled- This one I feel I succeeded at pretty well. Between my scheduler I shared with you all, and my Emily Ley Planner… I was pretty set!
3) Complete a Project Life album- I failed at this one too. I had all of the pages laid out and ready to go, but never got the photos printed. Most of our photos are taken on our phones anyway, so I’ve come up with something that works much better for us… Chat Books! Chat books allow you to pull the images from your instagram and turn them into little photo flip books. Coolest thing ever!
4) Get Fit- Isn’t this always a struggle? I have probably exercised less in the last year than I have in my entire adult life.
So… time to set new goals for 2015, and try to remember them and follow through!
1) Be more present and intentional.
There are always so many different things on my mind. It’s hard to stay focued on that moment in time and being present. I really want to try to spend more intentional time with my family and scheduling activities, to make sure they get done in a day and the clutter of my brain doesn’t get in the way.
2) Get fit.
Duh. I’m DONE having babies, so 2015 is the time to get my booty in shape and back to normal! Luckily, we will be joining our local Y in February, since that is where we will be sending E for preschool in the fall.
3) Continue to grow my photography business and share great content with my blog readers.
I’m looking forward to attending a workshop or two this year to hone my photography skills and am so excited to work with the friends/clients I have made this past year again in 2015! I also am really enjoying blogging and am excited to build great content for you in 2015! Stay tuned because both CWP and Always, C will be getting a bit of a new look in the new year! So many exciting things coming!
4) Make time for me.
If you remember this post. I talked about how I have kind of lost myself in motherhood and being a WAHM. It’s easy to stay in PJs all day with no make up on when you don’t have to go to an office everyday! I got lotttts of goodies to help me in this endeavor in 2015. Can you say… Sephora stockholder? 🙂
And last, but not least… SURVIVE being a mother of two, under three. So many of you do it… I know it’s possible!
Happy New Year Y’all!!
– Chrissy

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