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December 22, 2014

Amish Friendship Bread

I was first introduced to Amish Friendship Bread when I moved to Lancaster County, PA from Burlington County, NJ at the ripe old age of nine years old. Our neighbors brought it to us, I believe as a starter and I was super excited to try it out! They had also brought over a finished loaf and it was heavenly.

I was originally going to make my girlfriends something different for Christmas, then I remembered this! It was perfect, considering they are the most wonderful friends!
Amish Friendship Bread
I started off making my own batch, and then used the four 1-cup starters to make a special little jar for each of the girls. I used ball mason jars as the container and then made up a little recipe card in photoshop with the directions. I put that into these little glassine envelopes I have and used twine to secure them to each jar. I also tied in a cute spatula I found at Target. The finishing touch, was their own miniature loaf of bread, made from my batch. I’m pretty pleased with the way they came together!
Amish Friendship Bread
I presented them in these cute little bags- compliments of the dollar store!
If you want to try it out for yourself…. here is the recipe below! Enjoy!
Amish Friendship Bread

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