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December 10, 2014

Bump Update | 6 months

Y’all… I am SIX MONTHS pregnant. How did that happen?! This pregnancy is definitely going much faster than my first. With the holidays in full swing and busy season just wrapping up, March is going to be here before we know it.
I am nesting… organizing and getting everything in it’s place. I LOVE nesting! I’m also finally starting to pull things together for the nursery. I’ll share some inspiration in the next couple of weeks!
You can catch up on my last Bump Update, if you’re curious!
iPhone shot:
6 months

NAUSEA: Still random

CRAVINGS: None to really highlight… although if you haven’t, you MUST go try Nothing Bundt Cakes Red Velvet if you have one nearby!!

BELLY BUMP: The bump is obviously growing at rapid speeds. I am using Bella B Tummy Honey Butter, which so far has warded off any stretch marks, but my skin is WAY more itchy this time around than last!

MOOD SWINGS: Not bad. There have been a few days in the last month though where I have woken up with ZERO patience!

SLEEP: My back is starting to hurt a lot. I think it’s time for a pillow between the knees. Still getting up for my 3am potty break, but luckily, I easily fall back asleep!

PELVIC PAIN: I didn’t have this with Evie until about 36-37 weeks. Granted, this little one is apparently very low, which I’m sure is contributing to the early onset. Also, shooting for 3 weekends straight for 2 hours at a time and then coming home to edit for hours on end has not helped. I love my clients, but thank goodness busy season is over!! My lower back can’t take much more!

All in all, a pretty uneventful second trimester.

In other news, we are having the hardest time deciding on a name. With Everleigh, it was super easy. It took some convincing of the hubby and family, but they love it now. With this one, there aren’t any names that jump out at me that I absolutely LOVE. Some contenders are: Emilia, Lilah, Grace and Maci. We keep asking Evie and between Maci and Emilia, she chooses Maci. Then we ask between Maci and Lilah, and she chooses Lilah. Two year olds… they’re no help in the decision making process! Here are my thoughts. I like Emilia, but fear “Em” and “Ev” will get super confusing when I’m calling their names. I like Maci, but I don’t feel like “Maci Winchester” flows nicely. I like Lilah, but there are no good nicknames… “Li”? I like “Grace” but I feel like it’s a bit over-used.

So, for now, she will remain nameless, which I hate 🙁

Hopefully next update will come complete with a name for this little girl!


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