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October 31, 2014

A Vintage Bunny Birthday

I decided on the theme of “Vintage Bunny Birthday” for this year because Evie is in absolute love with her “lovies” which are two bunnies she has had since birth and has really clung on to since we took paci away. There aren’t many places Evie goes that the “nunnies” do not. And she has two… a grey and brown. The brown was introduced, so that in the hopes she ever lost the grey one, we would have a back up. However, she has become accustomed to having TWO, so that didn’t quite work as planned! Just in case, we have about three other backups, in various colors should we need them. 😉
My little girl is two… TWO. It didn’t quite hit me until I finally got around to editing photos from July a few nights ago, and I noticed that she already looks more grown up from just a few months ago. I’m sure I’m going to turn around and she’s going to be 16. Gah. NOOOOOOOO!
Now that I’ve had my mama moment, let me just say… that I am so thrilled with how her party turned out, and so relieved it’s over! In retrospect, it didn’t require a lot of prep work at all- pick up the balloons and cake, prep the food, arrange everything and done. It was the details and the projects that took forever. But, to me, those are the things that make a party complete and, to be honest, there were still some things lacking for me with this one. Like the fact that the garland I got, didn’t match the rest of the decor… so should have went with the pink, mint and gold, not the peach, mint and gold. IT. DROVE. ME. NUTS!!
Regardless, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was like one big play date!
So, to recap, lets go through all of the DIY projects I completed:
– Invitations- I saw a design I liked, and created my own version)
– Moss and Floral #2 (tutorial coming on the blog soon)
– Chalkboard painted cups- so guests could write their name on their property
– Gold “dipped” mason jars- to hold utensils
– Gold spray painted basket- napkin holder
– Favors- Chalkboard letters
– Lots of yummy treats!
Vintage Bunny Birthday
Vintage Bunny Birthday
Vintage Bunny Birthday
Thank you to my good friend Pam, who was nice enough to step behind the camera, so I could be in some of these memories!
Cake: Cake Expressions by Lisa
Evie’s Dress: Sweet Charlotte on Zulily
Wood Letters: Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard Paint: Lowes
Cups & Plates: Party City $.99 end cap
Wooden Spoons: Piper Grace Supply Co
Garland: Love Garlands

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