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October 22, 2014

That To-Do List…

AHHHHHHH. That’s how I feel right now!! Ya know all those crazy-faced emojis? Insert those here.
This is a crazy time of year for us, but this year has been exceptionally crazy. My photography business is booming (I love you all for your support and love!), there are a gazillion birthdays (no, really, we have nine in a span of two months) and this year I have a toddler that I can’t contain in an exersaucer… or… even really a crib anymore!
My to-do list is about 20 items long and I feel such a weight on my chest. To some, ok, many, this type of “stress” feels frivolous. But, ya know how you try to be everything to everyone and always be efficient, effective and present? Being super busy, makes doing all of those things even more difficult. Sure, is it the end of the world if I don’t get a decoration made for Evie’s birthday, or a birthday card arrives a few days belated, no. But, to me, that is my job… and I want to be damn good at it.
Add in to the mix a baby on the way… and you have one stressed mama! Luckily, the birthdays are dwindling down, however, hubby’s is Thursday and Evie’s party is Sunday and then her actual birthday Monday. So, that means I have to prepare for two very important birthdays in a matter of a weeks time. Kyle is pretty easy. He gets a gift, a choice in dinner and a homemade dessert. Though, truth be told, he may be getting a grocery bakery special this year! But, see, that killllllls me. Baking is my thing! However, I have about four desserts to make for Evie’s party on Sunday and those are going to be time consuming enough. And I’m not even making the cake! Of course, the wonderful Cake Expressions by Lisa is doing the honors. Along with some scrumptious macarons!
Evie’s party requires a lot more work. I have been working on decorations here and there over the last couple of weeks. I’m not even going that crazy, and it’s a lot of work! Last year, we had her party a few weeks early with family and friends in PA, literally, the week we were leaving to move down to NC. So, needless to say, it was nothing elaborate. This year, I wanted to go elaborate (at least a little)! I adore detailed and well planned parties, but they are 1) expensive and 2) time-consuming, so I’d say we went middle of the road. I will be sharing all of the details in the next couple of weeks here. I’m pretty excited to see how everything pulls together!
And on that note, my time is up, because little lady has run down my “free time” clock and is asking “Mama, Up”. Hope y’all are having a less stressful Wednesday! 🙂

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