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March 6, 2022

We’re officially closed!

Where to start… I had to go back to my last post to see where we had left off!

Ok, so the septic… all of the testing came back good. We didn’t need the fancy system ($$$) hallelujah. However, we weren’t thrilled with how much of our yard was being consumed for the septic tanks + repair field. The county person who was handling our permit said we had a “small lot”… almost ONE ACRE!?!?!?! I don’t know how anyone else has a septic system if that’s the case.

Alas, we are STILL trying to figure out septic and well placement. Everything has to be a certain distance from everything else and you can’t build over the septic or repair area, so it takes some strategic planning for sure. I think we’re going to have to end up spending more for a different system, which is more compact, allowing us some flexibility in yard space.

The weeks between my last blog post, and last Friday, when we officially closed on the land, consisted of meeting with the builder, getting the septic permit secured out and scheming on design. Apparently in about three weeks we will be able to break ground- yay!!

We were supposed to close the Monday of the week we closed, but after Kyle kept hounding all of these people we found out they had basically done NOTHING to prepare for closing, and they weren’t going to be ready to close on Monday. This was not only frustrating because of the delay, but also because if they didn’t get their *ish together and we went 7 days past the original close date, the sellers could walk away, re-negotiate, etc… basically be real jerks… which was not out of the question with what we had experienced so far.

Luckily, and not surprisingly, we also found out that the sellers hadn’t all signed the paperwork- apparently one was out of town on vacation for the week and because they hadn’t appointed one person as owner of the LLC, they all had to sign. This bought us some time.

Thursday evening came and went and we still didn’t have what we needed to close. They were literally asking us for paperwork up until three hours before close. Thankfully, Friday around 9:30am we got the all clear to close at noon. When we finally get the paperwork signed, I still wasn’t convinced something would be screwed up by someone, so I wasn’t celebrating until the deed had been recorded, which happened at around 4:30pm on Friday afternoon. HALLELUJAH!

I’d love to say the hard part is over, but I know this next year is going to be a roller coaster! I believe next steps are to firm up on house + septic placement and order the hard-to-get items like windows and appliances.

OH! And we have neighbors, and they have little kids!! There are three lots in our area, one of which is right next to ours. We were so grateful our builder bought the two lots with ours, otherwise, the developer was hoping to sell them to someone who would put in duplexes or triplexes, which would have been a bit of a bummer. Now we’ll have three single family homes, which will be nice!

To sign off, I’ll leave you with a drawing of what we’re thinking the arial view might look like! This has changed multiple times, so it’s possible this won’t be the finished product, but this is where we are now!

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