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May 24, 2019

Summer Book Nook

Summer Books for Kids

When we started our book nook, I realized fairly quickly, after sorting, that we had a fair amount of summer books. I haven’t added many to the collection since my original sorting last year. Below are each of the books we have in our current collection, as well as ones that are on our wishlist.

Secrets of the Seashore : My kids love this book because it’s interactive. You can use a flashlight to search and find the pages of where certain sea creatures live.

Hondo and Fabian: A story of a dog and cat friend who go on two separate adventures- one at the beach and one at home. It’s a really easy and quick read and was a favorite of my oldest for a long time!

If I Could:A sweet story about a mama and her toddler who spend a perfectly ordinary day together at the beach. This would be sweet for Valentine’s day, too!

A Lullaby of Summer Things: This reads like a lullaby and I LOVE it. I am all about rhyming and books that flow really well. It’s such a sweet tail of things you do in summer.

On the Seashore: This tells the story of a hermit crab who lives in a tide pool and travels along the seashore, finding a new home as he grows.

And Then Comes Summer: This is a detail by detail book of all of the things that happen leading up to summer and then when summer starts. It’s a sweet collection of summer things.

Flora and the Flamingo: I love these books because there are no words and it allows you to use your imagination in however you think the story is being told. It also has flaps to make it more interactive. My girls love them!

The Little Raindrop: A beautifully illustrated and written book that tells about a little raindrop and the earth’s water cycle.

Bike On, Bear!: Poor bear can do anything but ride a bike. This story tells how he overcomes his fears and shortcomings to ride a bike!

I try to add a book or two every month/season. The hope is to build a collection the kids love and remember years from now. I plan to pass on the picture books so they can carry on this tradition with their kids!

Some Books on Our Wishlist:


Jamberry: This was one of my favorites growing up. We had a board book that the girls literally loved to it’s death. I want to add the hardcover to our collection for them to pass down! It’s a fun story of a boy and bear who go on an adventure through a land of berries!

Summer Days and Night by Wong Herbert Yee

Summer Days and Nights: A little girl goes on an adventure to discover summer. This book has beautiful illustrations and is fun to read!


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