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December 13, 2017

Holiday Home Tour 2017

I am such a sucker for Christmas decor. We don’t really decorate for any of the other holidays. I typically do a “spring” and “fall” switch up of decor, but that’s about it. For Christmas, however, we go all out. Seeing as we moved into a larger house this year, it felt like I was constantly buying stuff for Christmas; and it’s still not as decorated as I would like! But, here is a little taste of what we do have going on…

Chrissy Winchester_0126.jpg

Usually, I wouldn’t really decorate the kitchen for Christmas, but our first floor is so open, that this year I wanted to bring a bit of Christmas into one of our most used spaces.
Chrissy Winchester_0127.jpg

These little wreaths are actually the garland that they had in the Target Dollar Spot. I simply cut a roll in half, used one end to wrap around the bunch and voila! I would have preferred white ribbon with a red stripe, but none of the local craft places had what I was looking for, so I grabbed this red satin ribbon from Hobby Lobby. We used painters tape to secure the ribbon on the backs of the cabinet doors.
Chrissy Winchester_0128.jpg

This is a mix of things we had left over from years past. I’m fairly certain the holly garland my husband brought with him from his house in college (so probably from my MIL!). The other garland is just some cheap stuff we had left over from our house in PA.
Chrissy Winchester_0129.jpg

This has become one of my favorite places to decorate in the house. I would really love to also change up the decor on the wall above the table to reflect the season, but I’m fairly certain my husband wouldn’t appreciate all of the holes in the wall!
Chrissy Winchester_0130.jpg

Do you remember my chat in our fall decor post? I love having greenery that I can easily switch up. In this vase I took out a bunch of flowers that reminded me more of spring and added the few sprigs of evergreen and holly berry.
Chrissy Winchester_0131.jpg

Another favorite of mine for this holiday season is this print from Boone & June. She does amazing illustrations, be sure to check her out!
Chrissy Winchester_0132.jpg

These wreaths on our office doors kind of happened by accident. We thought we had wreaths leftover once we were done decorating outside and were looking for a place to use these. They’re the super cheap $5 evergreen wreaths you can pick up at Hobby Lobby. I headed over to the holiday area and picked up a few springs of these white berries to stick in them so they matched our front door wreath from Heart and Hand. The red berry and poinsettia planter is from end-of-season Target last year.
Chrissy Winchester_0133.jpg

I always have dreams of our tree looking like something from out of a magazine. I especially LOVE the flocked trees. This tree is every so slightly flocked. I would adore a pure white tree caked with faux flock; but this will have to do. We picked this tree up from Hobby Lobby and I LOVE it!!! It goes together in three pieces y’all. THREE; and it’s pre-lit. This is our first year with a fake tree, and while I missed the “experience” of cutting down our own, the ease of this one was hard to beat!
Chrissy Winchester_0134.jpg

The elusive Christmas village homes from the Target Dollar Spot. I first learned of them months before Christmas, but could never seem to get my hands on them, until one day, I got lucky! I scooped up every single one of them; except for two. I had originally planned on using them for our tablescape, but we ended up not doing a tablescape this year, and I really liked them all lined up on our mantle, so there they stayed.
Chrissy Winchester_0135.jpg
Lily decided she needed in on this full shot of our living room.
Chrissy Winchester_0136.jpg

The blanket ladder I’m still in love with, all ready for Christmas snuggles!



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