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December 8, 2017

Tsum Tsum Carnival Birthday Party

Chrissy Winchester_0097.jpg

Have you guys heard of Tsum Tsums? No, well, let me enlighten you. They are tiny little collectibles that you will end up spending a fortunte on, find in EVERY crevice of your house and car, and step on more times than you care to recall.

In all seriousness though, they are cute little one inch collectables with accessories that feature Disney characters and my five year old is obsessed with them! They were her request for her 5th birthday theme.

Chrissy Winchester_0099.jpg

Typcally, I really try to avoid the cheesy character birthdays. I usually ask my kids what they want, and put a cute, pretty twist on it. So, when Everleigh asked for a Tsum Tsum birthday, I took to pinterest and etsy to see what could spark my creativity. We settled on a Carnival themed birthday, with Tsum Tsum guest appearances!

Of course, y’all know I would not do the typical primary-colored “carnival” theme. I used this cute invitation as my inspiration for the party.

Chrissy Winchester_0098.jpg

How gorgeous is this cake?! My friend Lisa at Cake Expressions by Lisa always does the most amazing job! Not to mention, the cake is the MOST delicious cake I have ever had!

Chrissy Winchester_0100.jpgI grabbed these cute party hats from Target. The orange doesn’t really go with the theme perfectly, but I was in a rush, and I couldn’t resist the cute ribbon tassels! Those “cotton candy” pops were a total fail. I purchased bags of cotton candy and was hopping to spin them on sticks myself… needless to say, it didn’t work! They tasted great, but looked awful. Can’t win ’em all!
Chrissy Winchester_0104.jpg

My favorite part of the party set up was the streamer tent I pain-stakingly did around our chandalier. Would you believe this is the best picture I have of it? The cute little five year old makes up for it, though!
Chrissy Winchester_0106.jpg
Chrissy Winchester_0107.jpg

You guys don’t know HOW HARD it was for me not to spend $80 on a Mickey Tsum Tsum piñata. I so badly wanted to get it for her, because she would adore it, but also because it fit the theme 1000 times better than this popsicle one I picked up at Target. Also, disclaimer: I purchased a piñata with a broken “popsicle stick” thinking it would make it fairly easy for the kids to get open. The popsicle stick portion is totally separate from the area that holds the candy… imagine my surprise when it flew off and no candy poured onto the ground! As you can see, Adalyn had a bit of stage fright when it was her turn!
Chrissy Winchester_0111.jpg Chrissy Winchester_0114.jpg

SO MUCH candy in these things! And we still had half a bag of lollipops left, plus all of the extras that the girls gathered. Not my best idea two days before halloween.
Chrissy Winchester_0119.jpg

My sweet neighbor, who is also a photographer, captured this sweet shot and I love that we are blurred in the background, but you can still see our reactions. So sweet.

So many fun things to share with friends! I always love watching how the present-opening dynamic changes through the years. At first they’re not into it, and then ALL of the kids want in on it, and now, at the age of 5, she’s excited to open them and show things to her friends!

Source List:

Cake: Cake Expressions by Lisa
Popcorn Boxes: Amazon
Pastel Party Plates: Amazon
Straws: Target (a few years ago)
Meri Meri Pastel Paper Cups: Amazon
Party Hats: Target
Banner: Target
Pinwheels: Target
Piñata: Target
Girls’ Dresses: Primary
Evie’s Shoes: Old Navy
Evie’s Socks: Amazon

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