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November 17, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide | Kid’s Edition


Today’s post includes all the things for kiddos. A lot of these items my girls have, and if you see a girly color posted here, it’s very likely there is a boy version available, too. So, don’t write it off if it’s pink! Follow the link to see what versions are available for boys 🙂

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1.Tegu Pocket Pouch and Block Set | Amazon
I purchased these when my oldest was an infant. I figured they would be a great, company item to throw in the diaper bag and keep her entertained when we were out to eat. Boy, was I right. And, she still plays with them at the age of five. There are also large sets you can buy to add on to these and make even bigger figures!

2.Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny | Amazon
Both of my girls “lovies” were Jellycat bunnies. This one in particular, my youngest has and it is so super soft and great to carry around by it’s limbs and long ears. It also comes in multiple sizes and colors.

3.Greenwich Dollhouse | Pottery Barn Kids
Um, can this be on my wishlist?! This dollhouse is gorgeous, and I love that you can close it up when you’re trying to save space. PBK also makes the cutest accessories to go with it! You could make a whole village with the coordinating houses that they offer.

4.Sheep Lacing Game | Land of Nod
I think this toy is so cute for the smaller babes in your life. I like that it’s natural, because, duh. I also think it would keep the little ones entertained for quite some time and another great diaper bag toy!

5.Little Kitchen Apron | Matilda Jane Clothing
I grabbed another version of this same apron for the girls for Christmas. I loved baking with my grandmother growing up, and I plan to carry on that tradition with the girls, and what is cuter than matching aprons! Also, It’s Matilda Jane, so the attention to detail and quality will be on point.

6.Green Toys Tool Set | Amazon
This is a favorite of my girls. Evie in particular, I think is going to be like me and like to tinker with things. I used to love playing out in the garage with my dad growing up. This is a bit more girly (and safer) version! They have a boy version, too!

7.Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Edition | Amazon
I just happened to come across this while looking on amazon and threw it in my cart ASAP. I have been contemplating getting more board games for the girls, but I just don’t know that A is old enough to get it (and not throw the pieces all over the place). But, when I saw this Disney Princess version, I was sold!

8.Laptop Chalkboard | Land of Nod
I think this is the cutest thing ever. For any kiddos that are creative and love to draw, I love that it’s an on-the-go option. Great to keep them entertained when they can’t be at home to play with the easel or draw on the sidewalk!

9.Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack | Amazon
We have this backpack in the monkey version (I think… maybe it’s an owl) and the girls love to through all of their crap in it and play around the house. I like it because it stops them from messy-ing up their school backpacks or losing stuff in there!

10.Hunter Rain Boots | Nordstrom
These have been on the girls’ christmas list for a couple of years now. I was waiting for a time when their feet hopefully won’t grow quite so fast… here’s hoping! They are a bit pricey, but I can say from experience, they hold up super well, and if you get a gender neutral color, you can always pass them down!

11.Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike | Amazon
We have a similar version of this bike and absolutely love it. The fact that it transitions is such a huge selling point. I also love that it his a long handle for parents to push, as well as a canopy. A total must have for littles!

12.Long Sleeve Dress | Primary
I found out about this company from a client. I am in total love. The styles are simple, classic and functional, as well as the color choices. There are no patterns; just simple, classic, amazing quality pieces! Did I mention the dresses have pockets? Yaassssss.

13.OK To Wake Clock | Amazon
This thing is a lifesaver for parents. That being said, we have found that at times we have to reinforce “listening to the clock”, otherwise, she sometimes forgets and does what she wants. It either lights up or turns green when it’s time to wake (whatever time you set it to be). It also has a 2hr nap feature!

14.Shaggy Head Sleeping Bag | Pottery Barn Kids
My girls have something similar to this, and they love to drag them out and “camp” in the living room. These ones are extra cute with the big furry heads!

15.LilGadgets Kid’s Headphones | Amazon
These things are the best for road trips! Or on a plane. I love them because there is a volume level on them that only goes so high, so the kids can’t blast their ears out.

16.Petits Et Maman Kids’ Wood Plate | Amazon
HOW CUTE if this little plate?! They have a variety of shapes and are fun for the little ones!

17.Lil’ Cutesies Twins in Stroller | Amazon
Our neighbor has these cute little things and Adalyn fell in love. They come with a variety of playsets, or you can buy them alone. They also can be brought in the bathtub!

18.Finley Play Table | Pottery Barn Kids
This is the cutest play table set! I love the design of the chairs and the colors.

19.Ladybug Helmet | Amazon
I love this helmet because it can last through all of the ages. It has an adjustable band on the inside to work up to age 12. They also have lot soft fun colors!

20.Hippo Piggy Bank | Land of Nod
We decided it’s time to get the girl’s some piggy banks and these ones are on clearance! They also have a few options to choose from and are fairly neutral colored.

21.Bunchems Travel Easel | Amazon
I grabbed these for Evie and I’m super excited to give them to her! I love that there is a case for them and it’s an activity we can do in the car on road trips!

22.Carry Home Dollhouse | Land of Nod
I have heard great things about these fabric dollhouses! I think they’re just darling and a funny little activity. It even comes with dolls and outfits!

23.Kickee Pants Pajamas | Kickee Pants
Kickee pants are our favorites! I was gifted a layette and blanket for my youngest and I was totally blown away by how amazingly soft and comfy they felt. My youngest still sleeps with this blanket almost three years later, and it’s in amazing condition.

24.Little Live Pets Snuggles Puppy | Amazon
This was a present last year for my oldest. Good old “Buster” is still with us and being loved on by my girls. I will say, I would wait until 4/5 years old to gift this. There are a lot of moving parts that younger ones may be likely to break. He is super cute and does lots of fun tricks!

25.Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter | Amazon
This was also a past Christmas present and the girls fight over it. Hence why it’s on the list again this year for child #2. It’s a great little toy for outdoors- also comes in a variety of colors.

26.Antsy Pants Playsets | Target
My husband pointed these out while we were at Target the other day and I was really mad I hadn’t come up with the brilliant idea! This company provides different set ups with these pipes and then has a variety of covers that go with each pipe set.

27.Gingham Sherpa Slippers | Pottery Barn Kids
I love these for our girls. I’m sure they are very comfy and cozy and they come in such fun designs!

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