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November 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide | Women’s Edition


This Holiday Gift Guide was fairly easy to pull together- I simply pulled stuff from my own wish list and added pieces that I already have and love! Read below for my comments on each item and why it made it in the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! There are great pieces at a wide range or prices so you can pick and choose what works best for your gift giving needs. Hopefully you find something for all of the ladies in your life (including yourself!) That’s right… you just forward this little ‘ole gift guide on to your hubby- he’ll thank both of us!

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1.Mini Jewelry Case | Cuyana

I think this is the perfect little add on to your travel items. I always just throw my jewelry in one of the millions of pouches I get from this subscription or that promo, and my jewelry always ends up tangled or lost. I love that there are separate compartments in this!

2.Flurry Blush Long-Long Pajama Set | Lake Pajamas

These pajamas have been on my list for a lonnnng time. Probably because they are a bit pricey (in terms of PJs), but I hear they are totally worth it! I am trying to overhaul my PJ wardrobe to be a bit more adult- right now I have old shabby t-shirts and mismatched pants.

3.Tortoiseshell Sunglasses | Loft

I picked up these glasses when I was doing my fall capsule wardrobe shopping. They were on sale for just over $10. I figured I could use a more trendy pair, and for $12, who could beat it! Also, I tend to have trouble finding sunglasses that aren’t too large for my face, and these fit perfectly!

4.Travel Mug | Sweet Water Decor

This mug is adorable, and perfect for me because I don’t drink coffee, or tea, so it is highly likely that it would be wine! I love the color scheme and the gold lid!

5.Personalized Leather Foli0 |Etsy

A pink folio?! I mean, who doesn’t need this in their life! I love all of the storage it has and the fact that it can be personalized. Perfect for the lady boss or student in your life!

6.Saltwater Duck Boot | Sperry

A dear friend tipped me off on these boots and I could not love them more. They are ridiculously comfortable and are amazing because they also are warm and waterproof. What more could you want in functional footwear? They’re also freaking adorable and come in all sorts of different color combos!

7.Bloom Loom Babes Portraits | Bloom Prints Studio

These loom prints are perfection. I have been following Amy of Bloom Prints for awhile and she produces the most beautiful work. These portraits are creative and stunning and I want one for all of my babies! They are perfect for the mama in your life that likes sentimental gifts!

8.Frost Free Vest | Old Navy

This vest is such a great value (what from Old Navy isn’t?!). I have this exact vest and love it. It’s warm without being too bulky and comes in fun neutral colors. I also like that it doesn’t have a bulky hood, but has a nice large collar to pull up over my face if it’s extra chilly.

9.Eyelash Makeup Bag | Sweet Water Decor

I purchased these as gifts last year for some friends and they are so cute! They are also nice and big, so there is no having to bring a bunch of separate bags for your brushes, tubes, etc.

10.Hush Puppies Odessa Sneaker | Amazon

I own these. I will probably eventually own them in every color. They are so comfy and adorable. Super on trend, considering they are Hush Puppies, which I thought only my grandma wore. I was super impressed!

11.Traveler’s Journal | Amazon

I adore this journal because it allows me to have a separate notebook for each of my businesses. It also could work great for students, as a gratitude journal, or really anything where you want to keep your notebooks together, but still segregated. I also love that it’s refillable, so you can take out and add as you need to!

12.Wander by Hottotties Thermoregulation Tunic | Target

This is on my wish list. I wandered by this little side stand in Target and it caught my eye. I stopped to look and feel, and then I fell in love. I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be worn under clothes, but they also market them as stand-alone pieces. Either way, they are one of the softest, most stretchy pieces of clothing I have ever felt, and I think I’ll probably live in them!

13.Photo Book Subscription | Chatbooks

I talked about how we use Chatbooks in this post and why I love them. Anyone that uses their phone to document life should have a Chatbooks subscription. It is so seamless and easy, It’s silly not to!

14.Lou & Grey Poncho Hoodie | Loft

I have heard other bloggers I follow on social media raving about this poncho. It’s a comfy piece and from one of my favorite stores, so it’s high on my wish list! It’s prefect for the lady in your life who wants to be cute and fashionable while still being comfortable!

15.Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette | Sephora

This palette should seem somewhat familiar to most of you, seeing as it’s been, and still is, wildly popular. However, this is a bit different because it’s the “basics” palette. It’s smaller and includes great neutrals that are matte. I use this for everything. It’s not just eyeshadow. It’s also eyeliner, and I use it for my brows.

16.Wicked Good Moccasins | L.L. Bean

I have had the L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers and if you caught the Men’s Holiday Gift guide, you’ll see they were on that list too. They are the most comfortable and warm slippers I have ever owned. I like this version because they have the rubber sole so I can wear them outside and have more traction!

17.Clarity Clutch Small | Truffle

I love this clutch for traveling, and also to throw in a larger tote, while still being able to easily see what’s inside. The colors is gorgeous!

18.Adella Bralette | Free People

This is another item I came across when I noticed multiple influencers that I follow were wearing it and raving about it. It really is so adorable when you’re wearing any sort of top that’s off the shoulder. It’s delicate and nicely made and comfortable to wear. The only thing is, I’ve heard it’s not a great choice for big-busted ladies.

19.Chambray Stripe Pouch | Sugar Paper 

I love Sugar Paper! Everything they do is right on point for that soft, feminine style and I was super excited to see them came out with these pouches! I love that they can be personalized, too!

20.Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler | Amazon

I am a huge fan of tumblers with straw. It makes it super easy to bring them with me on-the-go and I love the straw, because I tend to spill all over myself when I have to drink out of an open top (so graceful). The cool thing about this one, the lid is clear so you can see what’s inside and when to fill up!

21.Crystal Buds Ear Jackets | J Crew Factory

I have been considering hoping on this ear jacket trend for awhile. I saw someone wearing these and I loved how delicate they were. These are on my list this year, for sure.

22.Sockscription | Woven Pear

So I am super exciting to be partnering with Woven Pear this month! I have followed them for awhile and I adore all of their fun prints and hear great reviews about the quality.

*** Use promo code CWBLOG10 for 10% off though November 30th!***

23.Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat | J Crew Factory

I have been on the search for a pom pom hat this season and when I swung by the J Crew Factory Outlet, I found this one; which is perfect. I especially love it because you can wear it with the pom on top of your head, by folding the brim of the hat, or leave the pom slouch in the back. The weave knit pattern is adorable, too!

24.Gilligan & O’Malley Pajama Pants | Target

These pants are my absolute favorite! They are super comfy, the band is wide enough and stretchy enough that it doesn’t cut in and the fabric is super soft. I just grabbed a second pair for myself!

25.Weekender Bag |Cuyana

I love this bag. I love the simplicity and classic style of the Cuyana products. I am ready to upgrade from my Vera Bradley from my college days and get something a little more chic.

26.Gilligan & O’Malley Robe | Target

I heard about this robe online. It’s similar to the Cashmere Dreams one you can get from Macy’s that’s $$$$. This one was thirty bucks. It is super soft, and although the one review online says that it sheds everywhere, I had no issues!

27.Finespun Birthstone Rings | Lisa Leonard Designs

I got these rings for Mother’s Day this year and I love the simplistic design, and that they are stackable. As you need to add on, you just go right ahead and do so. There’s no commitment to be done having kids- ha!

28.Cassia Zebra & Ivory | JORD Watches

This is one of JORD’s newer designs and I love it! It comes in multiple colorsways and is delicate, yet still makes a statement. Be sure to enter the giveaway for a $100 gift card towards a watch ending this Sunday!

29.Envelope Clutch Crossbody | Etsy

I came across this clutch when I was looking at the folio. There shop has really beautiful pieces and I love how versatile this one is; with the option to use it with or without the chain strap.

30.The Year of Cozy Book | Amazon

This book is on my list. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s full of all of the things I love: recipes, DIY and beautiful home ideas! I heard it’s a great one!

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