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September 6, 2017

Make-Up Station

Growing up, I had a desk in my bedroom that I rehabbed, complete with line green painted inside drawers. That is where I painted my nails, spent way too much time critiquing parts of myself that now I’m mature enough to know are what make me unique and beautiful, and made sure every strand of hair was perfectly curled.

When I moved into an apartment with my hubby, I lost that space and also didn’t have it when we had our townhouse together. When we moved into our first home here in NC, I was totally over having a space to do my makeup, or as I call it, my make-up station. But, our house came with a sitting room, which admittedly, we were kind of annoyed about from the start, because it was “wasted space”. After leaving the room empty for a few months, I suggested we make it more of a dressing room, rather than a “sitting” room.

So the transformation began and this little desk came to fruition- thank you IKEA. Now that we have this space I think it is an area we will prefer to have in a house going forward. Hello, mom of two girls, here.

On top of the table I keep all of everyday stuff that I use + some extras that just fit there! I also keep my brushes and a make up mirror on top of the table.

I have a confession, the photos of the inside of these drawers, are from when we first built this a couple of years ago. Since then, my children have totally terrorized them and spilled make up and nail polish. I mean, real life, here.

In the top drawer I keep all of my make-up. Stuff I need easy access to.

The next drawer has all of the hair things- hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips.

The next drawer has all of the hair tools- y’all- I need to update these things. They are legit from high school. Time to get some big girl toys- tell me your favs that won’t break the bank!

Next up is a drawer that is essentially empty. Right now, it holds all of extra toiletries/travel bags that I have.

Lastly, is nail polish. Which, in retrospect, was not my best choice seeing as the girls like to get in there and play… but… I can’t keep everything outside of their reach!

Desk: IKEA
Drawer Organizers: HomeGoods
Chair: Habitat Restore
Mirror: Kirklands
Bookshelf: IKEA

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