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March 4, 2015

Bump Update | 36 weeks

Can we just talk about how I came to the realization that my belly barely fit on the chalkboard wall I’ve been using for my bump photos?! I’m pretty sure, if I make it to a 40 week photo… it will need some serious photoshopping to fill in the background!! Speaking of which, I really have NO guesses as to when this little love will arrive. Here’s why:
– She’s measured a week behind for size on all of my 3-D US’s I’ve had done (my last was two weeks ago).
– At my appointment yesterday my belly size is measuring at 35 weeks, not 36 weeks.
– I wasn’t exactly certain on the day of my last missed period (what they base your due date off of).
– According to my doctor, the second usually follows a similar pattern to the first. Evie was supposedly three days early, however, when she was born, all of the nurses said she was late.
Given those factors, I really have no clue as to if she’ll be early, late, or right on time. Of course, I’m hoping early, but not TOO early because then that would mess up all of our plans as far as what we’re going to do with Everleigh!
Also- the nursery is not even CLOSE to finished! We decided to do an overhaul of the closet (poor Kyle). The plan was to just get some IKEA shelves to put on the floor and replace the wire shelves with a nice rod and wooden shelf. However, after getting in there and seeing everything laid out, we’ve decided to just do something completely different. Soooo, that requires wall patching and painting. Kyle started the job over the weekend and plans to paint over the next couple of days. Once that is completed, the room will feel much less chaotic since we’ll be able to put most of the stuff back in the closet! After that, it just leaves things to be put on the walls!
36 weeks

NAUSEA: Donzo.

CRAVINGS: Oh, yea know… ginger ale, donuts… all of the things that are good for you :/

BELLY BUMP: It’s large and itchy!

MOOD SWINGS: If I’m cranky, or short on patience, I think it can be attributed to my lack of sleep… not my hormonal changes.

SLEEP: See above. The last two nights have been exceptionally bad. My belly is so heavy, it is no joke to have to flip that thing around in bed. Not to mention that, even with a wedge pillow and a pillow between my knees, I wake up with back and neck pain most days.

PELVIC PAIN: This had gotten better since I stopped working out at the gym, surprisingly. However, if I don’t wear appropriate shoes, am walking for an extended amount of time, or if I’m at a photo shoot for a few hours, Mama is hurtin’!

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