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November 13, 2014

A Bump Update- 20 weeks

I have been looking back through my old posts to see if I could find a bump pictures for comparisons sake, but the closest I could find was 16 weeks or 22 weeks. Let me tell ya, that makes me feel better, because I feel like with this pregnancy I have been a complete slacker with documentation! Come to find out… I’m right about on target! 🙂
Seeing as this pregnancy was more difficult in the beginning, I am SO thrilled to announce, the second trimester (so far) has been pretty easy peasy. My last update at 16 weeks can be found HERE, in case you were wondering!
NAUSEA: I still randomly get hit with a “whoa, I really don’t feel good” feeling, but luckily, it is random and lasts for just a minute or two.
CRAVINGS: Again… still not really a lot going on in this department. I remember vividly with Evie I craved a lot of comfort food and sweets… like one day I would really want meatloaf and the next I would really want apple pie. OK… well, I guess those both qualify as comfort foods… but you get the point! The only thing I really have craved so far is Entenmann’s Chocolate Donuts. Luckily, they’re hard to find here in NC, but when we were  home in August, I may or may not have housed an entire 10 count box… by myself, in a matter of a few days.
BELLY BUMP: Y’all… I FEEL like I’m huge! I swear, every other day I step on the scale and it’s up 2-3 pounds. I SO wish I had kept a diary of my weight with Evie because I would have liked to see how this pregnancy compares! Hopefully, the weight gain stays steady, and doesn’t increase too much (like it’s supposed to).
MOOD SWINGS: I suppose my husband would be the best judge of this, but with the second trimester I haven’t really had any mood swings. I am, however, much more emotional during this pregnancy than I was with Evie. The littlest (and sometimes strangest) things make me tear up!
SLEEP: Thank the Lord I am sleeping well again! In my last update, I was in the midst of a three week period where I was not sleeping well at all. I’m happy to report, I’m back to sleeping through the night, with the exception of my 3am pee break!
As you can see, this picture was taken at a different angle, but my estimate this entire pregnancy is that I was “looking” about two weeks ahead of what I was with Evie. I think this picture kind of validates that. Although, at my appointment last week I was 19 and 5, and I was measuring 19. In any event, I feel like I’m huge… I guess I forgot that part about pregnancy. Hopefully I forget the part about delivery too!!
20 weeks

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