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November 7, 2014

DIY Rustic End Tables

DIY Rustic End TablesMy hubby and I are sort of hopeless DIYers. If we know we can build something for cheaper than it would cost us to buy it, we’re usually pretty on board. However, I will say, by the end of those projects we ask ourselves… was it really worth saving XXX amount of money? Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it’s no! Typically projects that we think will end up being super simple, are the biggest pain. Mostly because we are both perfectionists, and things like wood, are very rarely all straight and perfect. 🙂
We both liked the style of these X Rustic End Tables by Ana White. Her and Shanty2Chic are pretty much our go-to sources for any of our DIY projects! We typically leave off the hardware, because, like I mentioned, usually by the end of these projects we are SO ready to be done! We did change the dimensions of our tables to better fit our space, making them a little bit more narrow and not quite as deep. Sometimes I think that’s why the projects seem so much more difficult than we feel like they should be!DIY Rustic End Tables

For the stain, we used Rust-oleum Dark Walnut Stain from Lowe’s, which is what we’ve used for most all of our projects in the house so far. And there are a lot… I just haven’t gotten to posting all of them yet. In time, in time! The problem is that we have them done, and I have most of the photos taken, but I wanted to include exact plans for them and that requires hubby to sit down and revise what we’ve changed. That man is hard to get a returned phone call from some days, let along asking him to sit down and translate his chicken scratch! So, alas, you get the photos and the original plans, and are left to doing the converting yourselves (so sorry!).

DIY Rustic End Tables


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