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October 17, 2014

Excuses… but with a 16ish week bump update!

Y’all… my editorial calendar is planned out almost two months in advance for this blog, but life just happens and this becomes the last thing on the to-do list. It makes me so sad! I am devising a plan to blog in the evenings, instead of browsing Pinterest and watching “my shows”.

Basically, I have also completely lacked on taking bump pictures and have missed the 14 and 16 week updates that have been on my editorial calendar… that is also making me slack. With Evie I only missed a couple of weeks of bump pictures. With this poor little love, I haven’t taken any except for the day we found out we were expecting and at 8 weeks! So, lets begin! Because I am so impatient, we visited Lake Norman 3D Imaging a week or two ago and did a gender determination ultrasound. It was the coolest, and Roxanne, the owner is the sweetest! We had a 3D ultrasound done with Everleigh around 28 weeks, which you can read more about here. I decided to do it early with this one… well… because like I said, I’m impatient! We won’t be announcing the gender until we go to our official doctor’s visit next week, but when I do, watch out, because I have an AWESOME giveaway to go along with it!! 16weeks5days So, lets review the pregnancy since my announcement:

NAUSEA: It is gone!! For the most part… Every once in awhile I’ll have a wave come over me, but totally random and totally livable!

CRAVINGS: I haven’t really had any cravings, similar to with Everleigh. When I do, it’s a craving for a short burst of time, for a specific food. Not like I’m eating pickles and ice cream every day 🙂

BELLY BUMP: Holy cow. I know with the second you get larger, faster, but this is crazy! I feel like I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I’m just barely 17. I think I have worn my “fat jeans” for the last time last week. I can’t even wear workout pants or leggings because they dig into my belly and baby starts to kick and get mad! I am officially in maternity pants y’all.

MOOD SWINGS: These were pretty bad (I mean, I say they were bad, but I’m not typically a super moody/PMS-y person, so still not like crazy lady bad!) in my first trimester. My moods and my skin have evened out and not flared up much in the second trimester. Thank you hormones.

SLEEP: This is my least favorite part of this pregnancy so far, with the exception of thawing up, of course. Since the end of my last trimester I have not been sleeping well most nights. If I do, it’s only until about 3-4am when I get up for my mid-night wee, and then I’m wide awake or toss and turn until Evie wakes me up around 7am.

Coming up on Monday… my favorite crockpot soup! Enjoy your weekend!


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