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August 20, 2014

New Mama Must- Haves… and what you don’t need.

So, it’s been almost two years since I had a new baby, but with the impending birth of my niece, I thought I would share my top five new-mama-must haves! I’m sure as a new mommy, you will get lots of advice from which toys to buy or avoid, to how to apply diaper cream and which stroller is the best. I’m also going to share the items I was told were must-haves, that didn’t work out for us, as well as some new items that will  be on the list for baby number two!
1. Waterproof Changing Pads
These were INVALUABLE. I was not about to leave my post from the living room couch, which is where I slept with baby for the first three months, so these were perfect for using on our ottoman, which at that time, was changed into a full-on diaper changing station. I didn’t have these exact ones, but they are similar
2. Baby Jogger City Mini
I was torn between the City Mini and the BOB. I choose the City Mini after a friend got it and loved it. Plus the fact that its so light and folds up in a cinch has been awesome. There is also an adapter you can get to use for the car seat.
3. Summer Infant Swaddleme
I, nor Evie, was a fan of swaddling at first. However, after a few days of getting used to it, Evie loved being swaddled and these were our favorites!
4. CloudB On The Go Travel Sleep Sheep
This is something I would have NEVER bought ourselves. I’m definitely one of those less-is-more people when it comes to baby stuff. This was a gift to us, and I don’t know how we would have lived without it! It was on during every nap and nighttime sleep. It not only soothed E, but me too! It has a timer, which makes it even more awesome!
5. Boppy Newborn Lounger
This was something my mom picked up for me, that I didn’t really think I would use, but I was wrong. We used it mostly in Everleigh’s bassinet so that she didn’t roll all over the place. It was also great to let her lounge in while she was on the floor or bed. Before she was able to roll of course!
Now… I know your dying to know… what DIDN’T we use that we were told was a MUST HAVE?
1. Sophie the giraffe. We were told this was THEE baby toy to have. By so many people, in fact, we bought two. One for the tub and one for play. E was not a fan of either and we actually ended up taking the tub toy back because the water wouldn’t come out of it and when it did, it was all green and gross. EW.
2. Boppy Pillow. I didn’t find this comfortable to use while nursing. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to nurse for very long because E wasn’t in to it, so I ended up exclusively pumping, but even for the short while that I did nurse, this was just awkward. I did better with bed pillows I shaped to fit.
And what’s on my MUST HAVE list for next time around?
1. My Brest Friend. My girlfriend has this and used it with her first and second. She raves about it, and I have observed her using it. It looks much more nursing-friendly than the boppy!
2. Dr. Smith’s diaper Oitment Rash Spray. So… I was totally in the woods about this, but apparently they have spray on diaper rash treatment. WHHHHAT. My girlfriend had some she got from the hospital and then another girlfriend posted about Dr. Smiths. HELLO CLEAN FINGERS!
3. Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling’n Seat tub. My girlfriend has this, and while we are bathing the kids a month or two ago, she broke out this bottle with holes on the top. She filled it with water and proceeded to use it to spray the shampoo out of her little guys hair. Mindblown. This is on my must-have list for that spray bottle alone! (PS. They also have a cheaper version that includes the bottle).

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