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June 25, 2014

DIY Console Table

I saw THIS console table on Pinterest and fell in love! I was hoping the post would lead to a DIY, but it didn’t. So, I had to DIY it myself! You could likely do this table, VERY cheaply. It looks like in the original photo the legs are just old porch posts and the top looks like a sheet of MDF. My husband is ALL about sturdy, so we went with a bit better quality of wood. We opted for white pine for the top and side skirts, and used pre-made leg posts from our local Lowes. That is only because they apparently don’t sell good ole’ fashioned wooden porch posts anymore! Or, at least, we couldn’t find any! I’m still on the hunt to mimic the vignette that’s going on in the original post, but I have yet to find similar looking pitchers and windows that aren’t too heavy or broken. So, for now, I just threw some stuff on top!
Console Table
Here is what you’ll need to make your Console Table:
1- 1x12x8 white pine
2- 1x3x8 white pine
4- pre-made 29″ leg posts- 2.25″ block tops
Kreg Jig & 1.25″ and 2″ screws
1 Qt. Paint or Stain (the color we used was Valspar “Pillow Mint”
1. Using a circular saw (or whatever works for you) cut the 1x12x8 to 60″
2. Cut the 1x3x8 pieces into (2) 51″ pieces and (2) 5.25″ pieces
3. Lay the top (1×12) flat on the ground with the bottom side up. Using your cut pieces and legs, mock up where everything should go, using the drawing below. I used pencil to trace on the outside of my boards so I know about where they need to go, once I’m done putting them together.
4. Using the Kreg Jig, fasten all of the legs and side skirts together, to make the base for your table. I used 2″  screws to fasten the side skirts to the posts. You will want to experiment with your Kreg Jig to figure out what you need to set your guide to, in order to make the screw grab just enough, but not too much, of the board you’re drilling into.
5. After the base is assembled, place the frame on your table top, lining it up with the outline you drew with a pencil, then fasten the frame to the table top using the Kreg Jig. I chose to use four screws on each long side skirt to attach the frame to the base. You can see that in the drawing below.
console table

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