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February 28, 2014

Fit4Mom Stroller Strides Lake Norman

I spent my Friday morning in an unusual way- working out!! I typically am all about nighttime. I inherited my mother’s genetics in that regard. I’m much better at being productive, and staying up until 1am in the morning, then I am getting up at 5am!
Anyway, I had never been to a Stroller Strides class before and I wanted to try it out so I could share my experience with you guys. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I probably had the same impression as some of you- mommy workouts with strollers can’t be that hard!

FB Cover SS class chest pressimage: courtesy of Fit4Mom Lake Norman

I WAS SOOOOO WRONG! My body was begging for it to be over 40 minutes into class, ha! Now, I need to put this disclaimer in: I have not reallllly worked out in 18 months. I have done yoga, lots of walking, some running and some light weights, but any high intensity workouts I’ve done have only been 20 minutes in length. And the frequency of these workouts has been embarrassing. Plus, like I said in the beginning, I, NOR my body, are morning people 🙂
Stroller Strides classes last about an hour and it seems they mix up the workouts frequently. I got the impression this was the first week they had tried this high intensity workout, because we were ALL feeling it! What’s great about the class though is that they show you modified ways of doing mostly every workout. So, if you’re new, or pregnant, or just plain out of shape (me! me! me!) they show you how to do the workout, but in a way that makes it easier. There were three mamas there that were expecting and anywhere from 11 weeks-6 months… they were killin’ it! I feel completely out of shape, let me tell ya. I AM completely out of shape. I realized that today when these three mamas were doing their workouts and I was barely able to do one more squat!
I would highly suggest you go check out the class if you’re in the market for a workout regime! The instructors and other moms were super sweet and I absolutely LOVED that you can bring your kiddos. Some of the mommies had their little ones on their mats with them while they were doing their stretching. What great habits to instill in your children! Also, there were babies there from 4 months- 2 years. So, even if you’re a new mommy, or think, yea right, my 2 year old won’t sit still and will be running all over the place- that’s ok! They keep the kiddos engaged by singing nursery rhymes and moving them in their strollers. Evie did great and barely made a peep. I’d say she loved it!
Lucky for you, I have partnered up with Colleen, the owner of Fit4Moms and she is offering all CWP clients 50% off their registration fee! You can find more information by visiting our Partners page and following the link to their site.
Oh, and the other thing I loved… even when it’s cold, you can still workout! They have a great indoor space that we used today at Birkdale Village (where the classes are held). When it gets warmer they walk around the village and do their workouts around areas there. How cool is that?!

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