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January 2, 2014

My New Year’s Resolutions

On this second day of January I decided to write my New Year’s Resolutions. A day late, but better than never! I’ve been thinking about them for the past few days, I just hadn’t gotten them written down on paper (or computer).

Before I list my 2014 resolutions, lets review my 2013 Resolutions and see if I stuck with them! (original post can be found HERE)

1) Complete a 30 day photo challenge and blog more.

COMPLETED? I would say yes. I actually did a 52 week project. I only made it to about week 19, but that counts! I also definitely blogged more. GO ME 🙂

2) Learn Lightroom better and Photoshop Elements.

COMPLETED? Partially. I didn’t learn much more about LR, but I did learn a good amount about Elements, and just recently switched to Photoshop. I took a fundamentals course from Skillshare for that which helped tremendously!

3) Stop and smell the roses

COMPLETED? I’m still working on this one, but getting better I think.

4) Be energized and motivated.

COMPLETED? It depends on the day. Some days I feel like a powerhouse and get things done, and other days I can’t focus, and am all over the place. Those are the days I walk away from “work” and do work around the house!

5) Get fit.

COMPLETED? Um… I think I worked out less in the last year then I have in all of my adult life. It’s hard to get motived when the scale says you’re three pounds less than you were pre-pregnancy and all of your clothes are loose. We’ll revisit this one in 2014 for sure!




1) Complete A 52 Week Project

A fellow photog and I are hosting a 52 week project for the best group of photographers I know! Since I am hosting, you better believe I’m going to complete it this year!

2) Get Organized/Scheduled

A lot of my time gets wasted in a day, where I’m not being productive, or I get lost on Facebook and Pinterest. I’ve done a lot of reading and research and it seems being very scheduled and regimented is the best way to get things done (go figure, right?!). I don’t know that I’ll go as extreme as using a timer to complete tasks, but I will be highly utilized my Emily Ley Simplified Planner my hubby got me for Christmas!

3) Complete a Project Life album

I am VERY guilty, as I think many photogs are, of hoarding my photos on my computer. They might get some prime time on FB or the blog, but MANY of them sit on my hard drive. I don’t want my daughter to think we didn’t do fun things and capture moments and experience life with her! I so enjoy looking back through my parents and grandparents photo albums and discover my history and stories, etc. If you haven’t heard of Project Life by Becky Higgins, you can find out more HERE. It’s like scrapbook… but way faster, easier and less expensive!

4) Get Fit

Oh, there it is again… I think this will be a resolution every year, because, lets be honest, n0 one really LIKES working out, you have to strive to do it! I went through short spurts last year where I worked out for a few weeks consistently, but nothing to brag about. Like I said above, it’s hard to get motivated when your clothes and scale are telling you “Nah, you’re good!”. However, I will say, I have lost ALL of my strength since having Everleigh. I joke that when I delivered her, I delivered every once of strength I had along with her! I really would like to try some Pure Barre classes this year. I also plan to do yoga once a week and work out a total of 3-4 times per week. Wish me luck!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? I hope  we can all stick to them! Happy New Year!



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