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November 21, 2013

Evie’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Before we made our long trek down the East Coast to our new home in NC, I decided, last minute, to have a birthday party for Everleigh with family and friends. It was a disappointment for me because I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating and planning for parties. It was also a bit heart-breaking for me to just throw something together and not give it the time and thought a baby’s first birthday deserves. However, the most important part, is that we got to spend our last weekend in PA with close family and friends to celebrate our little love’s first year! Enjoy some of the pictures below!

Everleigh has been SUCH a joy to us, but I’ll be honest, the first few months with a newborn are HARD. It’s not the rosy cheeks and cuddles you image when you think of a baby. Well, some of it is, but most of it is yucky, painful, and just down right exhausting! From smelly umbilical cords, to JUST thinking you’ve learned her schedule when she changes it… IT. IS. HARD. And we’ve had it pretty easy! Evie was sleeping seven hours a night by 12 weeks and was super healthy. I can’t image these poor Mama’s that have sick little ones and what they must go through. It must be 100000000x harder, I’m sure.
For us, Evie got to be really fun around four months and life has just gotten more and more fun every day since then! I’ll never forget a friend, and mother of two, telling me that around 4-6 months it gets to be great because the babies will really respond to you and interact… and she was totally right. It was awesome! New Mamas: there IS light at the end of the tunnel!! <3
Now, Everleigh makes us smile and laugh on a daily basis… usually multiple times a day. It’s just so FUN! And we love her to pieces. I can’t wait to watch her grow and become the little person that she is! So far we’ve determined the following:

  • She has my hair
  • She has my eye color
  • She has Kyle’s face shape (or so we think)
  • She’s tough- falls, teeth coming in… she rarely cries/gets fussy (UNLESS she’s sick… she must get that from her daddy)
  • She has my impatience
  • She will play and entertain herself for hours, if I let her… according to my mom, she gets that from me
  • She knows what she wants, just like her Mama
  • She is persistent (me again)
  • She has a wee temper (her daddy)
  • She loves dark colors: blue and purple
  • She has a thing with food textures… she’s picky with them, like me
  • She loves dogs
  • She takes in ALL of the details, just like her daddy

I compiled her first year in Instagram pics… this video makes me teary 🙁 Enjoy them while they’re little friends!


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