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September 23, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

So, I know this is like wayyy late, but I figured better late than never to share! Back in June we had our Gender Reveal party for little Everleigh Kate.

The plan was this… we had an ultrasound appointment scheduled for Thursday, June 7th. The party was planned for Saturday, June 9th. I was under the assumption, that the way in which these parties worked, was that everyone found out the gender together. However, I think perhaps I was wrong. When I told everyone that we were waiting to find out on Saturday, they were all surprised…. (Isn’t that the way it was supposed to work… I didn’t know!). Anyway, my mother-in-law, the morning of, planted in my head that we could still find out and just not tell anyone… hm. My husband already wanted to find out, so I thought… OK, sure… let’s do it!

So, not quite the original plan, but it was still a great little shindig. The color theme was grey and yellow… I’m not a huge fan of pink and blue. Check out some of the photos below!

The Voting Station: We had a list of names which we displayed for everyone to vote on. We already had a few of our favorites picked out… but we wanted to see what everyone else’s votes were too!
For the board I simply used a piece of foam board that I covered in fabric and then printed up the names and cut them out, then taped them to the board. For the titles I used a coordinating scrapbook paper with letter stickers.


These cute little envelopes I purchased at A.C. Moore. I got enough so that everyone could vote for their favorite girl name, and boy name. I used clear acrylic stamps to spell out “girl” and “boy” and then stamped the front of each envelope.
This is an old cookie jar that was my grandmothers. I keep it around for random uses… such as this! These cute little chalkboard labels I found on Etsy.

I found these goodies at Target. I had originally gone to a party shop, thinking that would be the only place I would be able to find yellow and grey… silly me. The little buckets are from the dollar section in Target. You can find such good buys there, I love it! P.S. The napkins are leftover from our wedding two years ago… look familiar anyone?! Hah, reduce, reuse, recycle!


Thank you Pinterest for the above idea. I didn’t get a close up (I should have) but behind the lemonade dispenser you can see little mason jars with cardboard straws and yellow twine wrapped around each. They were so cute!
Manga! There was some yummy, yummy food at this party!


Everyone eating…
The cupcakes that held a secret… these are from my FAVORITE baker in the Skippack Area. ICED by Betsy. They are the most decadent, to-die-for cupcakes I have ever eaten… and I have eaten ALOT!


Have a great Monday everyone! Coming up in my next post… My Father-in-laws Bolognese Sauce. It is scrumptious, and perfect for a fall meal!

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