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September 12, 2012

Belly Bump Update- my lovely lady lumps… or was that a foot?

32 weeks 6 days
There she is… Everleigh Kate has certainly taken up residence inside of my belly! I can’t believe I am just 5 weeks away from maternity leave, and 7 weeks away from meeting our little girl!
BELLY BUMP: I swear, my belly is growing by the hour at this point! I feel like I could be rolled around from place to place. How do people who have multiples do it? You are all my heroes! I am proud to report, I have yet to have any stretch marks. I think it’s thanks to this wonderful¬†Bella B Tummy Honey Butter.

I have been using since about 10 weeks. I found it on Amazon and read lots of reviews looking for the best option. It does leave quite a greasy feel, but I usually put it on before bed, so I don’t mind… and clearly it’s for a reason! I usually use it every other day and a regular cream, like Curel in between. Everligh is still moving a lot. She tends to be most active after my morning snack, my lunch and right before bedtime. Sometimes I think she tries to do a complete 360- that can be painful!
SWELLING: I thought, just as I did with morning sickness, that this was going to pass me by. However, I went to put on my riding boots today after work and I couldn’t zip them up. GASP. Now, I think I tend to have larger calves, so there wasn’t tons of room to start with, but still. I was like… hmm… I guess I do have some swelling! Welcome to the end of pregnancy.
BRAXTON HICKS: I still am trying to determine if I’ve had these yet or not… I would say, yes, I have. My abdomen gets super tight for 10-20 seconds and then slowly releases. However, I thought I would have SOME pain, but I have none (at least not from Braxton Hicks).¬†
CRAVINGS: I haven’t really had any “cravings” lately, however, I have been eating a lot more desserts. I really tried to keep this under control in the beginning because this was my downfall pre-pregnancy. In the beginning of my pregnancy I gained five pounds from one appointment to the next, four weeks apart. At that appointment, my doctor pointed out that 20 pounds was considered to be “healthy” now-a-days for a pregnancy. I had always read, and been told, 25-35 pounds was average. Clearly he was a little concerned I had gained five pounds in one month! However, I am happy to report that as of this morning, at week 33, I have gained 19.6 pounds. I don’t quite think I’ll be able to stay at the 20 pound mark my doctor had mentioned, but I’d say 25 should be feasable!
My next task is to put the last touches on the nursery. There will be some things that will have to wait. I just can’t figure out what to do with one of the walls (decor wise). I also need to pack my hospital bag! We’re headed towards the home stretch now. I have to be honest, I’m starting to get a little anxious about labor!

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