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August 23, 2017

Target Shelf Hack | DIY

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I’m here today to share with you a little Target Hack.

Pillowfort House Shelves

I had originally asked my dad to build shelves, just like these, but with smaller shelves in the house. However, seeing as he lives 8+ hours away, I knew it would be awhile before I got them. And y’all know, I am not that patient! So… what’s a girl to do?

I wanted the shelves to match Evie’s room, so I simply did what any DIY’er would do- I got some paint and fabric and made them exactly how I wanted!

What you need:
Shelves: Pillowfort House Shelves
Paint- Sherwin Williams Lilac & Frost
Spray Adhesive-Elmer’s Fast Tack Spray Adhesive – 11 oz – 1Each – Clear
Fabric- Art Gallery Ethereal Fusion Line
Small Putty Knife (or something to help push the fabric under the wood house frame)

How to do it:

  1. Paint the house whichever color you prefer.
  2. Measure your fabric to fit the inside of the shelf, leaving about 1/4 inch additional to tuck under the frame.
  3. Using the adhesive, spray the backside of the fabric, and the inside of the shelf, trying not to get spray on the inside frame of the house.
  4. Carefully lay the fabric on the inside back of the house, smoothing out any wrinkles.
  5. Tuck the excess fabric under the wood frame of the house.






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