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August 4, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe | Why I capsule…

This post has been in my que for a while now. It’s a concept I absolutely love, but fashion/style really isn’t my forte (anymore)- so I’ve debated posting about it. Once upon a time, I was the best dressed girl in our high school with my nail color changing by the day to coordinate with my outfit. However, college happened, nursing school happened, and most importantly, kids happened. It took me a LONG time to come around to feeling like myself again and learning how to juggle kids and getting myself looking presentable for the day. That being said, the whole point of building a capsule wardrobe is to simplify things- and every mama could use a little simplicity in her life!

I first heard of capsule wardrobes while also reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up”. I did some research about the concept, and in my research decided it was something I wanted to try. I did a quick insta-stories about my purge process. My girlfriend, Colby at The Coop Marketing,  saw it and recommend I check out Erin at the Cotton Stem; who does an amazing job of talking through the whole concept.

I spent a lot of time perusing Erin’s posts, Pinterest, and Cladwell (which also has an app). You can make this as simple as you want, or as in-depth as you want. Claldwell even has an app you can use to input all of the pieces of your wardrobe into, to build outfits. I didn’t get that crazy, but it’s pretty cool what you can do with this minimalist way of styling yourself!

I decided a capsule wardrobe was for me, because I know that getting ready and dressed in actual clothes for the day, made me feel more confidant, more motivated and more like my pre-kids self. I needed something that was going to be easy and comfortable. Having a capsule allows me to really focus on clothes that I love and am comfortable in. It also allows me to stick to a somewhat cohesive color palette, so literally, pretty much anything I pull out of my closet will match.

It really makes you focus on your style and stops you from buying super trendy items, impulse buys and stuff you don’t even really like- but, HEY it was a GREAT sale! I have fallen in love with the concept, and will probably never go back!

Join me next week Friday to get a little more in-depth on what exactly a capsule wardrobe is, and how you can start one yourself!!

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