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July 14, 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Kristal, at Lattes & Little Hugs tagged me in a blog post challenge to write about ten things that make me happy. I, of course, said yes right away! If you know me well, you already know, that I tend to get caught up in my to-do items. It’s hard for me to step back and enjoy the little moments and relish in the present- particularly if I’m on a schedule, or have something I want to get done. I was super excited to participate in this blog challenge because I knew it would force me to sit down and really think about what makes me happy, and make sure I’m getting those things, and making time for those things everyday. So, here we go!

1) Working out

I played field hockey in high school, which really catapulted my desire to workout. It started out as just running, and then my senior year, after having some problems with my hip- and that darn sit and reach being the only thing keeping me from the presidential fitness award- I diligently pursued yoga through a home video. Since then, I’ve had ALOT of lulls. I’ve tried a lot of different types and avenues of working out. Recently, I tried Pure Barre classes. They were at the bottom of my “to try” list because they are, in fact, expensive.

After having two babies, I was desperate for anything to help me from having to cross my legs every time I sneezed. I had read that Pure Barre was great for the pelvic floor, and so I gave their “first week free” a try. Now there is no looking back. It’s a class I look forward to, and I feel amazing afterwards! It’s also important to me to be healthy for my girls, and be an example for them of what “healthy” looks like (ahem, don’t look at my #2 in this list!).

P.S. That adorable tank in the image above you can find HERE.

2)  Dessert

Kind of counter-intuitive to the first one, right? My husband thinks I have no willpower. I say it’s inherited. My maternal grandfather used to carry a Cadbury chocolate bar in the pocket of his shirt- at all times. He would come up from his workshop, and we’d all sneak a square from him before dinner. My favorite was the one with the caramel in the middle. Funny how those little memories, tastes and smells stick with you, right? My mom is the same way- always has to have her sweets. I also love to bake desserts, not just eat them. I love to make something amazing and watch my friends and family come together and enjoy it!

3) Starting my day early

I have FOUGHT for this one. I am still fighting for it. I’ve said for years that I want to “be an early riser”. I used to sometimes catch my grandmother start her day, as she did most days, in the wee hours of the morning with her coffee, at their plastic table-cloth covered kitchen table, watching the birds at the feeders out their front window. She was always so peaceful. I have always wanted that. Especially now with kids, They are so often the ones dragging us out of bed in the morning, or keeping us up during the night. It’s so refreshing and motivating for me to get up early, at least before the kids, to get showered and ready for the day- and if I’m lucky enjoy breakfast with my hubby, just the two of us. Or, you can find  me at the barre 2-3 mornings a week at their 6am class!

4) Snuggling

Whether it’s being lazy on a Saturday morning with everyone piled in bed, or just a random, quick little snuggle on the couch during the day. I live for those little moments where everything stops for just a few minutes and we get to savour these tiny little humans we created. Snuggling with the hubby also counts as something that makes me happy. So often life gets in the way, and we’re busy and distracted, but don’t forget to spoon with you spouse, friends!

5) Organization

Not much brings me more satisfaction than organization! Now, that is not to say that every closet in my house looks like this. I could only WISH! I have done this in a few closets, and let me tell you, it ain’t cheap! Purchasing all of the baskets/containers, etcetera, adds up! However, I organize in smaller ways- like using “non-slip” mats in my utensils drawers to lay everything out nicely. My closet is organized in a manner- from tank tops- to long sleeves- to dresses and my essential oils are color coordinated. It’s the small things 🙂

6) A gorgeous sunset

Growing up in PA, my parents house sat at the top of a valley. Looking out their kitchen window, you could see the sunset over the mountain. It’s so peaceful and beautiful to watch the day come to an end and the beautiful work of God and mother nature. Now that we live in NC, I must say, those sunsets definitely beat the ones in PA when it comes to color and design. We have a great sunset view from the patio at our new house and it’s one of my favorite things about the house!

7) Music

This kind of goes along with number nine… but music makes me happy! It has such a way of changing your mood, whether it be from the beat, a memory it sparked or watching other people enjoy it. I have been creating spotify playlists to share with my readers, and here is a sneak peek at the first one! It’s a playlist that just makes me be grateful for the day and the life I live!

8) Helping others live well

Many of you probably don’t know this, but before I was a photographer, or a blogger, I was a nurse and a health coach. I spent my schooling days in the hospital, taking care of those that were ill and teaching them how to live with their condition. I knew when I graduated, that I was more interested in helping others to LIVE WELL, as opposed to just living with illness. I spent six years as a health coach helping clients manage, and try to prevent or reverse illl health. It’s a job I really enjoyed and helping people make healthy changes and see the positive effects was my favorite part! I now use that passion in helping others realize the benefits of essential oils and living a toxin free life!

9) Family dance parties

I LOVE to dance. My mom also loves to dance. I remember multiple occasions with the under-the-cabinet radio in our kitchen being blared to the max and her dancing around to Michael Jackson or Boy George. Specifically, on one occasion when my uncle was visiting, I remember him playing air guitar to Van Halen in our kitchen. Now I do the same with my girls and they adore it just as much as I do. My husband and I both love music, so we enjoy sharing that with the girls! 

10) Being Creative

Whether it’s sewing, crafting, baking, business- building, photo taking… I love ALL kinds of creative things. I used to spend summers with my grandparents and we spent most of our days crafting. My grandmother taught me how to sew and let me play in the kitchen. I am always working on projects, DIY-ing something, or brainstorming a new idea.


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