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September 17, 2014

New Assistant Coming to CWP…

Perhaps some of you had guessed this… even though I tried REALLY hard to be careful about Pinterest pinning and liking… but we are expecting!
So, first, let me tell you how it all happened… I mean, minus the obvious. With Everleigh, we had been categorized as “sub-infertile” at 7 months of trying, which I talked about here and here. I saw my OBGYN and he had us start monitor my basil body temperature, etcetera, and that month we got pregnant. The second time around, I fully expected the same to happen… if we were able to get pregnant at all. So, as usual, I sat down with my calendar and planned it all out. Estimating it would take us *at least* 7 months again, I figured we should start trying during summer to make sure the children were spaced apart age-wise; as I would like. Ya know: Evie potty-trained, transitioned out of her crib, paci taken away etc. Obviously, since I am not the master of the plans… that didn’t happen! I was in complete shock, after month three of trying, to see a test with two solid lines.
I was in literal shock and disbelief for 12 hours. My husband was more exciting than I was. I just kept thinking… “no, not yet!”, “OMG, TWO KIDS”. (I’ve come to terms with it now, of course, and am so excited!) Then around 9 weeks all of the yucky symptoms started and I thought “UHHHH… WHY did I do this to myself?!”. Can you tell, I am not one of those women that basks in a pregnancy glow. My pregnancies have by no means been hard, compared to some other women I know, but I just don’t get all rosy and mushy about it.
So, how has this pregnancy differed so far from my first? IN SO MANY WAYS!
1- With Evie, my morning sickness started around week 5 and ended around week 13. However, it was NOT bad at all. I never actually got sick. I took zofran here and there when I was at work or really needed it. With this peanut, my morning sickness started around week 9 and was brutal until week 12. I took zofran daily after two straight days of getting sick.
2- With Evie, I had to remind myself that I was growing a tiny human, which required more calories. With this one, I was STARVING for a week straight. I thought for sure I was having twins! Luckily, that has slowed down and I have gained about the same with Baby #2 as I did with Evie. Which is actually surprising, because I have to basically eat a second dinner before bed to make sure during my 3am pee break, I don’t starve!
3- I am obviously much larger, much faster in this pregnancy. I would say I probably look two weeks ahead of what I did with Everleigh. Needless to say, my maternity clothes will be getting lots more wear this time around!
4- I didn’t get indigestion with Evie until I was well into the third trimester. With this one, it started at like 8 weeks! I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying stock in Tums.
Regardless of all my complaining, we are so excited to have a little sibling for Everleigh and, of course, I’m dying to know the gender! I need to get started planning a nursery and figuring out wardrobe and all of those details! Daddy and I are both hoping for a girl. Mostly, for me, because I’ve always wanted a sister. For Kyle, I think he just loves his girls now so much, he doesn’t see a reason to change things. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’d love to refer to all of us as “His Girls”.  🙂
I will be sure to do belly bump updates on the blog to keep you all informed!

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