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December 12, 2013

This Is Our Life- Well that was stressful…

Well, today has been… stressful… to say the least.
Kyle and I waiting until the last minute to go to the DMV to get our NC drivers licenses. We have had the 52-page manual for a couple of weeks and really took some time to study it over the last couple of days. I was freaking out a bit, because, THIS GIRL, failed her permit test the first time around.
Let me tell you, there is a ridiculous and exact amount of information you have to bring with you to get your license. For example, Kyle’s social security card only has his middle initial, the woman at the desk asked if he had a middle name and he replied “yes” and shared it with her. She said “Well, we need a document that has your middle name on it, not just an initial”. WHAT?!?! That was NOT anywhere in the manual. Luckily, he had his college ID hanging out in his wallet…. also WHAT?!?!
So, of course, we waited for an hour, listening to people talk about how insane the cops are, and I got pulled over for no reason, or my license was revoked for no reason… as well as other people walking in and realizing they didn’t have all of these ridiculous and exact amounts of information. People, the DMV is a stressful place! Especially with a one year old who is past her nap time.
Anywho, when my number was finally called, I went to the desk and was told that I needed proof of insurance. Well now, woman, you’re looking right at my insurance- it’s right there. AH, but NO. Apparently the insurance card only has my husband’s name, not mine. So, I walked out to Kyle to tell him this. He proceeds to  hand me the baby, who has a surprisingly wet leg (yes, she just peed out of her diaper, down Kyle’s hand) so that he can call the insurance company to have them fax the insurance policy, showing my name.
Luckily, we got every little detail of information that we needed and now both have temporary NC driver’s licenses. and THIS GIRL… she passed with a 100% and only skipped two questions. WOOT!
I was also supposed to go get three… yes THREE, out of my six… yes SIX cavities filled today, but couldn’t make my appointment because we were at the DMV for almost two hours. Some good birth control for you… apparently  your saliva chemistry changes when you’re pregnant and can lead to more cavities. I’ve only had one cavity in my life, so superficial I didn’t even need Novocain. Since being pregnant, I’ve had SEVEN. UGH.
On a much happier note than all of the mess above, it’s THURSDAY!! YAY!

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