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October 23, 2012

Baby Bump & Nursery Update

I know, I know… my last post was baby related! I had planned on posting a recipe today, but I haven’t posted a bump picture in while, and at this point, the picture I have will be almost a week old if I don’t post it soon!
So, here it is: 38 weeks and 5 days (as of Saturday 10/20)

CRAVINGS: I have been craving sweets like crazy for about the last two to three weeeks. My weight had been staying pretty consistent, however, after staying home last week, I’ve gained about 1.5lbs! Not cool. This little girl needs to hurry up and get here before I continue to rack up the pounds I’ll have to lose post baby! We hit up the Collegeville Farmer’s Market to get some ICED by Betsy cupcakes I’ve been craving. I got one of each flavor… a half dozen. Kyle has only had one, and there is only one left. You do the math. Plus, I had an ice cream cookie sundae on Saturday night at dinner and Breyer’s Reece’s Ice Cream last night… Oy Vey!!
BUMP: This child is getting heavy!! I feel like I’m carrying around a ton of bricks in my midsection (and sometimes in my pelvis!). She has finally stopped moving quite as much as she had been (don’t worry, her movement is still steady enough!) which is nice, since there is literally no more room for her to move. I have an appointment this Thursday and would love to hear some news that I’ve progressed, however, at this point, I’m thinking I’ll probably have to be induced, which I didn’t want. However, I also am super uncomfortable, so it is what it is!
NURSERY: The nursery is just about complete. There are only two things left to finish. Well, there are a few more than that, but I mean things that need to be finished shortly. First, is the hamper. I had this lovely idea that we could conceal the hamper in the closet, next to the changing table. However, that hasn’t worked out quite as planned. So, now we’re looking at just getting a trash can to use with the PUL liner I bought for her cloth diapers. Not quite as thrilled because it will have to sit out, but, at this point my hubby and I are out of ideas! We also need to figure out shoe racks. I should say… we need to get them. We are using IKEA spice racks, however, they have been sold out for months and they’re not supposed to get them back in stock until the end of November, so that project will have to wait! Enjoy the little tour below!

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