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August 5, 2012

Bump Update- Hello Third Trimester!

So far my pregnancy has really been fairly easy and painless. However, I have a feeling that the third trimester is going to bring a less content Chrissy.

At almost 28 weeks, I have begun to have trouble sleeping, constant low back pain, more hormonal moods and I’m certain I will no longer be able to paint my toes going forward! I also can barely make it up the three flights of stairs to my office without feeling as though I might die! Looks like the elevator is going to quickly become my friend! Luckily, I have been able to continue to walk a mile a few times a week, and run for  a short portion of that walk as well- which feels AMAZING! I can’t wait until I can actually go for a full run come November.

26 weeks 6 days

Let’s take a quick recap of my last few weeks:

CRAVINGS: I have had cravings more frequently now, then I did in the beginning of my pregnancy. I also feel ravenous much more frequently! My most recent cravings have been for Entenmann’s chocolate frosted donuts (which I was able to fend off for weeks before finally breaking down at the grocery store on Friday and buying myself a two-pack), hearty home cooked meals- like Grandmom makes (meatloaf and mashed potatoes kind of deal) and fruit juice- my favorite is Farmstand Apple by Tropicana. YUM!

BELLY BUMP: I’m going to complain a little bit here… I am starting to feel claustrophobic.

  • It feels like my organs are pushed up to my throat and shoved up my back. It’s difficult to breathe if i’m in any one position for too long, other than sitting erect- with proper posture. 
  • I have to sleep with a bobby “belly pillow” to support my belly when I sleep so I don’t wake up with horrible back pain… oh, and a pillow between my legs. I went without the pillow between my legs while on vacation last week- HUGE mistake. I woke up with an aching back every morning. My poor husband can’t get anywhere near me, it’s like Fort Knox in our bed with all of the pillows I have around me! 
  • I painted my toes for vacation last week… that will be the last time that is going to happen until I deliver! I also am having difficulty putting on my knee highs for work and tying my sneakers. 
  • Everleigh has become so big that when she moves, it’s starting to hurt.
  • There is such little space in my abdominal cavity that the heartburn has kicked in double time. I have a sensitive stomach as it is, so now pretty much everything I eat just ends up repeating on me. 
  • I’m just generally uncomfortable! Even sitting erect, proper posture, as I type this entry, it feels like I have way to much stuff shoved all up in my rib cage.
MOOD SWINGS: I read that the second trimester is when the moodiness really starts. I thought I just missed it and that me, and everyone around me, got lucky. However, I find that as I enter my third trimester, the moodiness has started to rear it’s ugly little head. I have little patience for some things (which I don’t have a lot of patience to begin with), the tiniest things can make me want to burst into tears (though I haven’t yet), I get irritable for no reason (luckily it doesn’t last long) and if I feel strongly enough about something I will voice my opinion (usually I keep pretty quiet). 
After my rants and complaints, I will say that I am super excited to be carrying this little girl. After everything we went through in the beginning of the year, I thought it may be years before we conceived, if at all. So I feel very blessed to have this beautiful little girl growing inside of me! 
We had a 3-D/4-D ultrasound done yesterday, after much debate. Our insurance doesn’t cover it, so we weren’t sure if the cost was worth it. We got mixed reviews from friends and acquaintances, but ultimately, (mostly I) decided it was something we should do. So, below, I present to you some pictures from the ultrasound yesterday. She didn’t cooperate very well at all. She turned her back to us a couple of times, wedged herself between my placenta and uterine wall so much that they couldn’t get a clear picture and the ENTIRE time had her foot and leg up near her face! Little stinker.
Profile Shot- with her leg all the way up by her forehead!
Hiding behind her foot!

Pretty little girl!

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