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June 8, 2012

Bump update

Well, I finally feel pregnant. It was very apparent when I went to paint my toes this evening and realized that it was much more difficult than it used to be!

Also most exciting to note is that I can now feel the baby move! We discovered this as I was lying in bed on our trip to Disney world a couple of weeks ago… I was resting a book on my belly as I was reading, and I felt a kick, and saw my book move… I thought I was going crazy… until I felt it again, and then Kyle felt it! Now the little one is moving about a bit, but unfortunately daddy has only got to feel it a couple of times… I’m sure that will change very soon!
Disney pics:
Our hotel: The Dolphin… the fact that we can walk to Epcot and the boardwalk and can take a ferry to multiple places, is AMAZING. I hear the pool is awesome too… but we wouldn’t know because Hurricane Beryl decided to visit while we were there!


Prego at Snow White’s cottage


A Beverage in Germany




MATER!!! I love Cars 🙂



Tom Sawyer’s Tree House


So… this amazing dragon in Downtown Disney is made out of LEGOS!
OK… back to pregnancy talk!
Some cravings I have had since my last post have been: ice cream sandwiches, hot dogs and I still am having a love affair with cinnamon toast crunch. It’s such a versatile food… it’s delish for breakfast, but can double as dessert. Who doesn’t love that?!
My bump… it really started to show when I hit 18 weeks. We had our 20 week ultrasound today (I’m not quite 20 weeks) and the baby is measuring 12oz and is in the 85th percentile! That was a little shocking… I REALLY hope the little one is not huge!!! I’m also measuring two days ahead of what they projected my due date to be. Other than that, everything looks great and we’ll find out Saturday if it’s a little boy or girl!
16 weeks
18 weeks
and last, and most importantly… Baby W! (this is a profile shot)


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