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April 1, 2012

This is not an April Fool’s joke…


This pictures sums up my life thus far in 2012. Back in January I had shared with you a very personal post regarding Kyle and I’s possible “infertile” future. However, it appears with no hard work, miracles grow from difficulties!

We are 9 weeks and 5 days. Not quite to the 12 weeks mark, where the chance of miscarriage drastically drops, and most people start sharing with friends and family, but if you read my blog, you are most likely our friend or family… so I’m sharing a little early!

The reason for the long break is just that… pregnancy! I wish I could say I was one of those dreamy women who adore being pregnant, but so far I haven’t like it at all! I hear after 12 weeks it gets much better, so I’m hoping things turn around then.

Let me share all of the details; for you… and me to remember later!

I have been very lucky so far… though I don’t feel like it! Nausea started around 5 weeks and was quickly followed by a four day long GI bug. ¬†That was horrible, but the nausea was bearable and was mostly gone by noon. However, around 8 weeks, the nausea changed course and set in around lunchtime and was much worse than it had been a few weeks earlier. I have my very favorite friend, Zofran, to help when I can’t bear the sickness.

Well, at first, around 5 1/2 weeks, I was craving vegetables and salads and anything healthy… that didn’t last very long! When I hit 7 weeks I was craving macaroni and cheese- Kraft blue box- every night, and a little later mashed potatoes. I’m kind of tired of mac at the moment, but I made the most delicious mashed potatoes that I just finished today-boo. (TIP: I used 1/2 cup of cottage cheese in them and they were delicious! They warmed up beautifully, which isn’t always the case with mashed potatoes). Currently, I’m not craving anything because EVERYTHING gives me indigestion, already! I knew with having IBS, pregnancy was probably going to be miserable GI-wise. Surprisingly, I haven’t really craved sweets, which I’m pretty excited about, because usually that is my downfall!

I have just the slightest little bump below my belly button… really I just feel like I’m getting chubby right now! I don’t feel pregnant at all. Depending on what scale I use, I’ve gained less than a pounds to 2 pounds since this little peanut has started to develop. Hopefully I only gain about another pound in the remaining weeks, because after that they’ll really start to pack on!

Oh and yes, there is only one! Seeing as Kyle is a twin and my aunt and uncle are twins, and my HCG levels were about 3 times higher than the normal range, we were a little worried we might be having multiples. Not that we would be ungrateful of course, but we’d like to enjoy one at a time!

I hope to be back to posting 2-3 times a week. I have some yummy recipes coming up to share with you: baked french toast, my grandmom’s baked mac and cheese and caramel apple bars, as well as our living room makeover…. and a photo shoot with my cousin’s little girl! So much to catch up on!

Have a great Monday!


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