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August 27, 2011

How-To- Cupcakes in a Jar

Well hello there,
I hope all of my friends on the east coast are buckled in for this ride on Hurricane Irene! I thought I would share a how-to with all of you who might be house-bound and surfing the internet.
I have had the 4 oz. wide-mouth Kerr mason jars for these little jems for sometime now. I just recently got around to making them for my previous etsy shop, The Baking Bar. For those of you who follow my blog, you know that The Baking Bar is no longer operating (so don’t go looking for these- you’ll just have to make them yourself !)
Now, there are a few ways you can make these. You can make individual cupcakes, which is what I did first, or you can make a sheet cake and break it up into small pieces- which I did second and is a HUGE time-saver.

So on the left, you have a cupcake, which I have cut in half and pressed into the bottom of the jar, swirled in some Swiss Meringue Blueberry Buttercream (YUM). I then flattened the top part of the cupcake, placed it onto the layer of buttercream and finished with another swirl of buttercream. On the right is the version I made with sheet cake, broken into pieces and pressed into the jar- as you can see, not much of a difference aesthetically and well worth the saved time!
For your viewing pleasure a few more pictures… These would be great for a party or gifts… especially for kids parties… a well contained piece of cake= less mess!

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